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The good old True Prisoners is returning, with all the usual escapes and daring rescues!

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  • Turkish
This mod is being recreated now that I've returned to Bannerlord modding
Instead of being a single entity this mod will now be split into multiple sub-mods for maximum modularity and increase resilience to TW updates

Currently implemented sub-mods:
Please refer to the individual sub-mod pages to report any issues, otherwise downloadable files on both sites will be kept up to date

Notables Escapes - Controls the rate at which nobles and notables escape from 
Ransoms - What your worth in captured enemies and use denars to liberate nobles

Next on the list:
- Protagonist - Control what happens when your character is captured
- Catch and Release - Both old and new methods for selling, releasing and managing prisoners
- Daring Rescues - Launch great escape plans and save yourself from captivity with either brains or brawn

For the latest updates, bug reports and to communicate with me directly please join the Discord Server

This mod is part of the True Gameplay Overhaul pack:
True Limits - Set your own limits and formulas for various calculations such as party sizes and maximum prisoners
True Battle Loot - Loot the battlefields to your delight, just remember to reward your soldiers and not to loot your allies "too" often
True Army Costs - Forming an army is a costly endeavor, prepare to have the way you view your troops be altered
True Item Values - Changing how items are priced to reflect materials and stats, while avoid insane vanilla values
True Quality Modifiers - Loss meaningless equipment scavenged from the field, and no more 17x magic price modifiers
True Relations - Your reputation with those around you will change with your actions, thus you will earn traits and skills accordingly
True Noble Opinion - Fixes the opinions of nobles and mercs to be separate from the clan leader
True Arena Experience - Gain full XP during arena fights and tournaments
True Ransoms - Control the flow of ransom gold and liberate notables with wealth

Designed for and tested on 1.6.3 to e.17.0
Future updates may affect the mod as developers continue to alter the code structure in which case a separate version may be released accordingly

 Fixed an incorrect text
v1.2.0: Added a relationship penalty to a prisoners clan and a configuration file
v1.2.1: Modified code slightly to avoid a possible crash (no crash experienced, but just in case)
v1.3.0: Added the option to apply rules to the AI Lords / Settlements as well. (disabled by default, enable in configuration file)
v1.3.2: Added compatibility for 1.4.3
v1.3.3: Added counter measures to prevent crashes on future game updates, if mod fails due to a code change it will simply not affect the game
v1.4.0: Added new dialogues and options, tweaked the conditions and linked escape to more complex conditions
v1.4.2: Added additional checks to counter a possible native bug / crash
v1.4.3: Added effects to roguery / charm, and made the new ransom values optional (originally intended to be used with my unpublished economy mod)
v1.4.5: Added a minimum time period before escape (default is 5 days) and included player owned parties in non-AI calculations
v1.4.6: Optimized texts, embedded personalities based on the True Relations model and fixed many (many) typos
v1.4.7: Modified to function smoothly with True Noble Opinion
v1.4.8: Added the option to ransom prisoners
v1.5.0: Added a rescue mission to save nobles, mercs and companions (even if they are enemies)
v1.5.1: Modified text for non-english language settings
v1.5.2: General code cleanup and optimization, remove a possible relationship loss when an owned party is holding a notable hostage
v1.5.3: Made rescue option accessible from outside castles or after sneaking into towns, for easier access in hostile settlements
v1.5.4: Matched ransom options with rescue, also added a configurable serious escape failure consequences
v1.5.5: Added more serious consequences (war, loss of fiefs, removal from faction) on rescue failure
v1.5.6: New security checks added, issue reported could not be replicated
v2.0.0: Rebuilding mod with a new segmented approach

If anyone has any issues, suggestions or requests please leave a comment

As with all my mods this is designed to be modular and can added / removed at any point, it does not alter save files

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