Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Maybe the tournament mod you didn't know you needed.

All tournament participants will have different, randomized weapons. The fights are roughly balanced by equipment quality.

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Weaponry will be randomly created for each tournament participant.  The gear is matched in quality, with some variance but balanced overall.  The equipment sets always make sense - never two bows, or bows without ammo, or two shields.  Mounts are matched evenly, so if half your team have mounts, so do half of the other team(s).

ArmyMode, which is off by default, generates random equipment in widely varying quality for every unit in the battle.  The only thing you can be sure of is that ranged troops will have bow and melee units will not have bows.  It's an interesting time.

Edit the mod mod_settings.json to taste:

  • TournamentBalance true/false
on by default.  This will roughly match the total quality of weapons between teams to avoid really lopsided matches.

  • DifferenceThreshold, a number
3 by default, minimum 1.  Larger numbers allow for more variance in quality, less even matches.

  • ArmyMode true/false
Probably insane.  It's off by default.

It does not affect save games in any way.  Uninstalling it is as easy as disabling or deleting it.

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