Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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About this mod

A touch up of every possible npc in the game. From the Lords, Ladies and their retainers, right on down to the dirtiest peasants. This mod is an attempt to fix them all looking like butterlords.

Permissions and credits
Noble Nobles

A touch up of every possible noble/hero npc in the game, and ironically all the peasants and troops too.
For most characters the changers are light, with nose jobs and chiseled jaws for the men, and general makeovers for the women with some exceptions. Also everyone's had their heights and builds fixed to be both more consistent and realistic/aethstetic.

Who's been changed:
>All landed nobles, both male and female. (Including minor factions)
>Wanderers / Companions 
>All the random peasants including, 
   - Villagers and Townsfolk
   -Looters, Bandits and sea raiders
   -Caravan leaders
   -Town guards
   -Arena fighters and Arena masters
   -Ransom guys
   -Tavern keepers and Tavern gamemasters
   -Keep stewards
   -Beggers and Mad men
   -Pretty much every troop in the game draws on the villager faces so they're all changed too.
   -Notable villagers and Townsfolk (The quest guys) 

This mod is my way of getting everyone looking better than a baked potato covered in butter, and is a complete overhaul, since there's a lot of characters that honestly look like the dev was just smashing the random button with no thought to location or culture.


1: Download and Extract the file.
2: Place the NobleNobles file into your games module folder. (Usually found in \Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules) 
3: Activate the Noble Nobles mod module in the game launcher.
4: You're gonna have to start a new game if you want the new faces sorry bud i don't make the rules.

Ps: If you have any mods that change troop stats or character face mods that you would like to apply over noble nobles, make sure they're lower in the mod list (Mods load alphabetically based on module name).

Bonus info

You can edit or even use these faces yourself by finding the character you want in the lords.xml text doc and copying the line of code that goes <BodyProperties version="4" key= (longs string of char's here)  /> Then when in the char maker (You can bring it up by pressing V on the map screen) just press ctrl v to paste or ctrl C to copy/export.

Talesworlds if you're reading this and want to use the changes i've made in the base game go ahead.