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This mod help you to fix stucked companion in a HOLDING state after you send them mission
Fix Ain Baliq black hole :p

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Hi everyone,

Important news :
1.4.0 Update :
  • Fixed a bug that causes alternative (companion) solution troops and companions to disappear.
  • Fixed a bug that caused quests to disappear.
Not experimented yet but It means my mod could be useless now for issues related to quests. Please keep me inform if you still got issues ;)
Thank you

Sometimes after sending your companion to a mission, he get stuck as "HOLDING" and never come back to your party and remains unfoundable on map.
After debugging code, I can confirm this is a bug (Not fixed yet (1.3.X)) because in memory, companion has no party affected and is not tagged as a prisoner.

This mod fix active and alive heroes stuck in HOLDING state.
The fix is done when game load and every in game day if they are HOLDING heroes
The fix now is able to fix heroes outside of your clan.

All heroes fixed will spawn in their Home Settlement if they have one.
Babies fix themselve when they growth so I don't fix them. Just wait they become children

This mod is not created to be used on beta branches because fixing bug ourself on beta branch disallow Talesworld an opportunity to fix it.

Installation :
  • Download the archive
  • Extract Modules content to your Modules game directory (Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules)
  • In the launcher, go to Mods, then tick "Fix : HOLDING NPC"

If this crashes your game at startup:
- Go to "Modules\FixHolding\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client"
- Right click "Hellivium.MountAndBlade.Bannerlord.FixHolding.dll" and click properties
- Check unblock.

DeveloperConsole is not required anymore, all are fixed automatically now !


My fixes will always be unofficial workaround.
Please always use a built in solution when they are availables.
I never patch how game works but my mindset is to try fixing data on the fly.
So official patches will always be more efficients.
The first thing you can do when your game crash is to send a report using the official tool provided.
More detail you write, easier TaleWorlds could fix it.
Moreover, it is possible to describe your crash here :

Always backup your save :

  • Because game is an Alpha
  • Because game modification may lead to unexpected behaviors.
  • Modders don't have a large amount of saves. All my mod are tested on my own save before published.

Don't forget to endorse if it solve your issue.
Else, please post a comment, maybe I could help.

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Enjoy your companions ;)