Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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CTO overhauls all main faction unit trees, militias and caravan parties in M&B2: Bannerlord. Future content includes overhauls to minor clans, mercenaries, and bandits. Work in progress (W.I.P.).

Permissions and credits

  1. Have you ever wondered why javelins, throwing axes, and throwing spears were so rare?
  2. Ever wondered why Calradians can only afford swords but not shields, spears, axes, and/or basic armor?
  • Well wonder no more with this mod you'll see an overhaul of all 6 main faction culture unit trees. These unit trees are: Aserai, Battania, Empire, Khuzait, Sturgia and Vlandia, but that's not all! Some day in the future you'll also get overhauls of mercenaries, minor clans, and bandits. Not only will you get these overhauls you'll have to pay nothing outside of mod compatibility errors for who knows why because I sure don't. Download now for a free trial of my tears and sleep hours! *Disclaimer: Tears and sleep hours are not actually included.*

M&B2: Bannerlord patch compatibility info:
  • Mod currently works on both 1.4.1 and 1.4.2.

  • CTO v1.1.1 - Fixed game crash on village scene. Please notify me if this problem persists and how to replicate it.

Alternative Version
  • CTO v1.1.1c - Use if you only want main factions to be overhauled. This is to retain compatibility with other unit mods that do not modify main factions.
  • NOTE: Fixed game crash on village scene.

  • Overhaul main faction armament.
  • Each unit tier will have higher stats in all areas than the previous tiered unit.
  • Only used vanilla item assets out of convenience to myself and other users (this may change in the future).
  • Replaced caravan and militia party templates with main faction cultural troops.

  • Overhaul bandit, looter and raider unit trees and armament.
  • Overhaul minor clan unit trees and armament (i.e. Hidden Hand).
  • Create new minor clans and unit trees.
  • Overhaul mercenary units and unit trees.
  • Create new mercenary units (i.e. Gladiators and Amazonian).
  • Diversify the equipment available to troops (currently there is only 1-2 sets per unit).

  • CTO v1.1.2 - will not be the next release due to complications IRL.
  • CTO v1.2.0 - will be the next release and will require a fresh game. It will not be save game compatible.
  • CTO v1.2.0 - does not have a time line of release currently due to IRL complications, but check back once a month or so to see for update.
  • CTO v1.2.0 - all unit trees will be effected (minor and main factions).
  • CTO v1.2.0 - will not be updated for beta patches or any future beta patches. I no longer wish to spend so much time dealing with 2 versions of the mod to ensure compatibility. It is just too time consuming on my end.
  • CTO v1.2.0 - Vlandia, Sturgia, Empire and Battania will for the most part remain the same. What will change is unit names and IDs with minor equipment tweaks where I see fit.
  • CTO v1.2.0 - Khuzait and Aserai will be getting expansions to the unit trees, IDs and unit names. They will also receive minor equipment tweaks where I see fit.
  • CTO v1.2.0 - I have come to the conclusion that the "sameness" of the factions will be unavoidable if I want this mod to do what I originally set out to do. If every faction is to have its entire unit tree be useful then it is unavoidable that they will have and share cross access unit templates. To off set this I will be trying to make the look of the units fit the culture they are based on.
  • CTO v1.2.0 - though the factions will be more "samey" they will retain the vanilla strengths of there factions and more.
  • Further input on "sameness" are still appreciated, but the real military background of the cultures associated to said faction will remain the counter argument.
  • If you want to convince me of lessening unit trees then bring a better argument than just game balance because my counter argument is that every faction does have [insert unit type], but only 1 faction excels at [insert unit type] or [insert unit type] has a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ect. ranking by factions. This is how most games balance themselves out to begin with so if you have a fundamental gripe about it then provide a better solution that also has historical military background from ancient-medieval time period.
  • I.E. don't tell me the Empire shouldn't have throwing weapons because of game balance when the real Roman empire used throwing weapons extensively from 509 BC/BCE to May 29, 1453 AD/CE. That's 1,962 years of military history involving the use of throwing weapons from just the Romans mind you. Give me historical precedent on why the Empire should not have throwing weapons when the Romans obviously did.
  • CTO v1.2.0 - all main line infantry units (spear men) will lose throwing spears all together. This I hope can solve the big army infantry spacing issue. It will also hopefully be more balanced for the player base.
  • CTO v1.2.0 - all minor factions will be completed in the overhaul.

  • I would like comments on what you guys want for unit names/format: - This will happen in v1.2.0 and v1.2.0c when ever that is.
  1. Continue using cultural or historical names (super restrictive and most time consuming)
  2. Use a mixture of plain English and historical/cultural names (least restrictive, but possibly ugly/odd names)
  3. Change existing names to plain English and continue using plain English (less restrictive, but possibly boring names like other mods)

Unit Tree Desc.
  • Inspired by Sassanian, Late Persian, Rashidun Caliphate and Ottoman time periods.

Battanian Unit Tree Desc.
  • Inspired by a mixture of Gaelic, Dacian, and Iberian time periods with some Irish and Scottish influence.

Empire Unit Tree Desc.
  • The empire obviously inspired by different Imperial Roman/Byzantine time periods.

Khuzait Unit Tree Desc.
  • Khuzaits are inspired by Steppe nomads, Mongols, and the Great Yuan dynasty.

Sturgian Unit Tree Desc.
  • Sturgians inspired by Norse culture with some Slavic/Rus incorporation.

Vlandian Unit Tree Desc.
  • Vlandians are inspired by a mixture of medieval France, England, and Italy.

Minor Clan Unit Tree Desc.
  • Legion of the Betrayed: They now reflect a pre-marian roman army with more flexibility due to the socii/alae inclusions.
  • Hidden Hand: They are now far more useful and worth recruiting from prisoner pool.
  • Embers of the Flame: They are inspired by various christian crusader militant orders.
  • Eleftheroi: Inspired by Rohan from LoTR.
  • Jawwal: expands the camel ridding nomads similarly to the Elftheroi. They are less armored overall though.

  • Please use the "BUGS" tab to report issues, bugs and concerns with this mod.
  • Please use the "POSTS" tab to post comments and questions on the mod.
  • Please use the "FORUM" tab to post suggestions and view topics of interest in regards to this mod.

NOTE: This is a work in progress (W.I.P.) mod so nothing is perfect. This is also my first time doing any mods for any game ever so use at your own risk. When a new version of this mod comes out I suggest you start a new game because it probably won't be save game compatible. Again I take no responsibility for mod incompatibilities.