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Set max number of kids (default 4), and the probability of having new kids based on current count.

Permissions and credits
  • Limit max number of kids, default 4.  When loading a game that has more than this, it will default to remove kids to achieve this limit.  Use config file to adjust this (details below)
  • Sets the chance to get pregnant according to config, based on number of kids you already have.  The vanilla game does this but I've added a lot more control and granularity (details below).  

  • I'm not modifying when the pregnancy chance function is called, just the result of it.  
  • Pregnancy chance still requires Female and married, and I noticed it doesn't get called when marching, only when waiting.  It definitely gets called when waiting in town while in an army with your spouse.

  • Tested on 1.4.2.  It will probably work on 1.4.1 (mod version
  • For game version 1.5 use mod version
  • it is NOT likely to be compatible with any other Pregnancy mods or anything that modifies GetDailyChanceOfPregnancyForHero,

Configuration (LimitChildren.dll.config)
  • Please READ this section before using the mod
  • Config file may be edited with notepad (drag and drop onto a fresh notepad or File->Open, and select All Files in the filter)

  • ApplyRulesTo_MainHero,   (recommend you keep this TRUE but really only applies when you are playing female)
  • ApplyRulesTo_MainHeroSpouse, (applies when your Spouse is Female, recommend you keep it TRUE regardless)
ApplyRulesTo_AI  (All AI Females, excludes MainHero and MainHeroSpouse)
Rules for AgeCriteria and PregnancyChance can be enforced for just the Main Hero, Main Hero's spouse, and/or all AI characters the game considers "Hero".  All are defaulted TRUE, so by default this will limit the number of NEW kids that the AI can have up to the default max of 4 total (0 new if they already have 4+), use RemoveAIKids to actually remove those that are already born and over the limit. 
Note: All pregnancy checks only apply to women in the stock game, and this mod doesn't change that.
Note: When set the false, the vanilla game logic takes over (False on these settings does NOT prevent pregnancy, use MaxNumberOfKids and/or adjust the pregnancy chance -- see below)

  • OverrideAgeCriteria
  • The mod can override the pregnancy age check from the vanilla game, default FALSE.  If this is the set to TRUE, then it will load and use the values in OverrideAgeCriteria_MinAge and OverrideAgeCriteria_MaxAge, defaults to 18 - 45 (same as vanilla game).  Note AFAIK, this criteria only applies to women (males do not call pregnancy chance)

  • RemoveKids - *Note this is enabled by default!*  Applies to MainHero
  • When set to True it will look for MainHero kids past the amount specified in MaxNumberOfKids (default 4) and will remove them using the game function, KillCharacterAction.ApplyByDeathMark.  This is default True, and only removes the Main Hero kids (regardless of what you have set for ApplyRulesTo...), it does not remove AI kids.  This could be useful if you have saves with a ton of kids already and want to clean up the clan screen.  This also requires ApplyRulesTo_MainHero = True

  • RemoveAIKids - disabled by default, applies to AI (not MainHero, not MainHeroSpouse)
  • Same as above but for AI kids.  If you want a truly level playing field against the AI clans, then enable this to trim their kids down.  This also requires ApplyRulesTo_AI = True

  • MaxRemoveAge - exclude removing kids that are over this age.  Default 20.  This should leave your grown kids alone.

  • RemoveOrder - YoungestFirst (default), OldestFirst, or Random.  The order in which to remove kids

  • allowNewKidsAfterMaxRemoveAge, default TRUE.  Allows new kids to be born as the current ones grow past MaxRemoveAge (default 20).

  • GetDailyChanceOfPregnancy_CurrentKidCount_Multiplier_0 through _10 (and beyond)
  • This is the multiplier applied to the pregnancy chance, based on the number of kids you have, a 0 multiplier will effectively disable new pregnancies.

GetDailyChanceOfPregnancy_CurrentKidCount_Multiplier_0 = 0 kids, default  multiplier 3x (same as vanilla game)
GetDailyChanceOfPregnancy_CurrentKidCount_Multiplier_1 = 1 kid, default multiplier is 2x (same as vanilla game)
GetDailyChanceOfPregnancy_CurrentKidCount_Multiplier_2 = 2 kids, default multiplier is 1x (same as vanilla)

    That is where vanilla game stops, but this mod allows you to specify multipliers for any number of kids you want.  
GetDailyChanceOfPregnancy_CurrentKidCount_Multiplier_3 = 3 kids, default multiplier is 0.5x (50% LESS chance than with 2 kids)

etc..I have 10 entries in the config file currently, but more can be added, as needed, with the number of kids as the last part of the key.  When no key exists (say you have 22 kids), it will always default to 0 as the multiplier, effectively stopping any future pregnancies.

Install Notes
  • Vortex or manual install to \Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules
  • Remember if installing manually, locate the DLL file, right-click, properties, and click "Unblock", if needed (depends on windows configuration).
  • Lastly, don't forget to enable the mod in the Bannerlord Launcher (click "Mods" tab, next to "News")