Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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XML editor for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord to assist with mod creation

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Requires the latest [Desktop Runtime for .NET Core] from Microsoft - Tested with Bannerlord version 1.4.1

Although the tool is not finished, I'm sharing the tool now so people have the option to use it to create lord conversion files. You can edit all of the lords found in any version of the game released so far and save your progress as an *.xlord project file.

Please test the app thoroughly before working on any large projects and remember to manually save with the file menu until I add hotkeys.

xLord starts a new project by looking at the root directory of a default installation through Steam, it follows the folder structure within to find the XML files that can be edited. You can reference this root folder anywhere on your pc by using the Tools/Options. You can work with the tool so long as XML documents are provided. I have provided the necessary XML documents and folder structure along with the mod.

Let me know if you run into any issues. You must start a new game for changes to take effect.

~ Disclaimer ~

This is a very limited "beta" version right now, a lot of UI stuff isn't even working, including hotkeys.

You should expect the possibility of crippling bugs and potentially losing all of your work because of an update. I don't recommend making mods with this tool yet because of that. However, lord overhauling works and project saving appears to be working fine as well, so this version should be stable enough to assist with lord edits if you wish to use it for mod creation.

Where is my project file?

xLord creates an "xLord" folder in your documents folder on your user path that stores new project files.

The xLord folder also contains the output folder for exported .xml files.

Known quirks and bugs
  • You can do anything, easily create .xml's with this tool that will not work, for example: making a character's age equal "bananas"
  • There are blank fields on minor characters, special use cases not addressed during import, editing should still work for export
  • The app exports 4 files but only 2 contain useful data, you only need lords.xml and heroes.xml, clan editing and kingdom not done
  • The app crashes silently because of very little exception handling on my part