Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Lords of Calradia will now use more varied and adequate gear.

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Have you ever thought lords used gear too cheap / weak considering they are the social elite of Calradia? This optional mod fixes that. Lords will only use high quality gear, as well as their culture's heaviest gear. Aside from looking better, they will also be less repetitive. Many items that could be used for them were not.

Keep in mind that lord gear is random. They pick from a list of sets when the game begins. Because of this, this optional mod will not work in saved games.

This mod is essentialy compatible with any other, except game overhauls.

This mod is independent, but was made as submod for Complete Troop Overhaul, my main mod.

Also, despite trying in many different forms, there has been no success on 100% overwritting vanilla presets - some lords will still spawm with Native gear. Still, many lords will use updated gear.