Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Pack of banners for every faction... with some shields aswell.

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And so... I find my way here once again. First step down .. oh, wait, that's a song's lyric, nevermind^_^

Ok, this is but 2 config files for, unsuprisengly, 2 mods. Precisely this one and that one. 
These config files consist of banner codes, wich override banners of every clan in Calradia, and adds some shields designs to the clan troops. 
To use them, you should place mentioned configs in their respectful place, wich I believe not hard to find by reading corresponding mod's description.

Banner designs are poorly based on following references:

Vlandia - The Bastard and his bunch (I think it would be awesome if i could put off my helmet in the middle of the battle to rally the troops... ah well)
Battania - Wales tribes (or at least I think so)
Sturgia - Denmark.. and some Finland
Empire - Epirus, Nicaea, Trebizond  (again, not so sure)
Aserai - seljuk-ayyubid-mamluk... and some "ceiling compendium"
Khuzait - "ceiling compendium" in general.

Oh, and two things need to be mentioned:
- there is not that much shield designs - some clans have 2-4, and some don't even have one, so I might add some in future
- uniforms' collors are messy (everything is set to mode 2, there is too much clans, and not so a much adequate color pairs...), so bear that in mind

Anyway... enjoy ^_^