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A Major Kingdom added to the main Campaign consist of famous Persian female nobles, royals And warriors.

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The Medes were an ancient Persian people who spoke the Median language and who inhabited an area known as Media between western and northern Persia.
Most of what is known about the Medes comes from the Greek historian Herodotus (c. 484–c. 420 BC) and the cuneiform records of the Assyrians. Neither is an unimpeachable source. Herodotus has a tendency to project Greek habits and ideals onto other peoples, and the Assyrians were long-standing enemies. As the Medes seem to have left no written records of their own, their origins and political development remain obscure. Most historians, however, believe that they arrived in Iran from Central Asia in the second millennium BC. Their organization was tribal and their way of life seminomadic, with only a few permanent settlements and an ongoing need for fresh pasturage. Herodotus names six separate Median tribes: the Busae, the Paretaceni, the Struchates, the Arizanti, the Budii, and the Magi. Ethnically and linguistically, their closest relatives were probably the Persians.

This Mods adds a major kingdom to campaign which consist of female lords all from different Era of Persian History . 
The main reason i created this mod to add more feminine style to game and also show people History of Persia ( Its mostly Accurate ) . 

1 New Kingdom Called Median Dynasty ( There is no settlement for Them right now but i am working on it ) .

6 New Clans all belongs to median dynasty ( They might going to leave their kingdom and join others, since i'm new to the modding it's another bug i am going to fix )
Clans are : The Busae tribe, The Paretaceni Tribe, The Struchates Tribe, The Arizanti Tribe, The Budii, The Magi

37 New Female Lords
The Empress is  Mandana : Mandana of Media was a princess of Media and, later, the Queen consort of Cambyses I of Anshan and
mother of Cyrus the Great, ruler of Persia's Achaemenid Empire.

Note : This mod is compatible with every other mods since there is no change in base of the game .
Also i used other mods like banner presets and character presets from other authors in my mod.