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Add XP to your troops by the leadership skill / level difference.

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This mods adds XP to your troops daily in a similar way to Warband, only that it uses the leadership attribute, and the level difference between you and the troop.

Configuration and Settings
Train troops by Leadership and Level offers the ability for everyone to tailor their experience to their preferred outcomes. The following settings are available through MCM:

Apply Troop Multiplier (List):
This allows you to control to which party the training will be apply to.
There is three possible choice :
- Player
- Allies (Player, Companions parties, Every Lord of the kingdom the player is a part of (as a lord/king))
- All (Every Party)

Troop XP Multiplier (float):

The higher this is, the more impact leadership will have on training.

Level Difference Multiplier (float):

The higher this is, the more impact level difference will have on training.

Player Troop XP Multiplier (float):

Same as Troop XP Multiplier but only affect player Party

Level Difference Multiplier (float):

Same as Level Difference Multiplier but only affect player Party

The mod has been tested with custom troops from CA - Eagle Rising mod (

You can only train the troops who have an inferior level than your character (otherwise they'll get 0 XP). So whenever you begin a new game, bear in mind you'll have to reach level 7 to be able to train your basic recruits (they are level 6). As you level up you'll be able to train stronger and stronger troops.

In other words, the higher the leadership, the more XP each troop gets. And the higher the level difference, also the higher the XP.
The XP is imparted upon all units in the stack, so all of them are trained, not just one.

Scroll down if you're not afraid of maths :)

An example: Your character has leadership 30, is level 12 and his/her party has:
- 3 recruits (level 6)
- 2 archers (level 11 - tier II)

Upon training, they will receive:
- 3 recruits -> leadership 30 * 3 = 90
- 3 recruits -> level difference 6 * 10 = 60
- 3 recruits -> total = 150 each * 3 = 450 XP

-2 archers -> leadership 30 * 3 = 90
-2 archers -> level difference 1 * 10 = 10
-2 archers -> total = 100 each * 2 = 200 XP

So the recruits will get more experience than the archers, as their level is much lower. Improving your leadership will help you train stronger troops, no matter the difference in level :)