Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

About this mod

This mod adds 52 unique Wanderers with unique backstories to your M&B Bannerlord.

Permissions and credits

Are you getting tired of boring and bland Wanderers of the base game? Then this mod is for you!
It adds 52 unique Wanderers with unique faces, backstories, skill sets and personalized gear.

Firstly I want to thank and say that this tool: 
Bannerlord Wanderer Creator tool inspired me to start doing this mod.

All 52 new Wanderers have:

  • Introductions / backstories
  • Custom starting gear
  • Unique skillsets and traits

  • It may take a long time until the Wanderers spawn into your game. You can also force the game to spawn the wanderers immediately by making use of the console.
  • The game only loads a limited amount of Wanderers per new game... (about 25). So I highly suggest you to use the mod; Companion Hoarder, it also makes sure the Wanderers are only spawned once... so you don't have any duplicates. Which keeps them unique.
  • I highly recommend you to download both of my mods; 'Interesting Companions' and 'Interesting Clans'. As they work best, when used together. But you can also just download the standalone version of 'Interesting Companions'.
  • If you're using my mod; 'Interesting Clans', then put it above 'Interesting Companions' in the mod loadorder to avoid crashes.
  • If you want the game to spawn only the companions from 'Interesting Companions', then you can try and download; 'Spawn Non-Vanilla Companions' it forces the game to only spawn custom companions.( to be used WITHOUT, the mod; 'Companion Hoarder')
  • All screenshots are taken with the recommended mods below, installed!

Download and install using Vortex, or extract the contents of the ZIP into your Bannerlord Modules folder.

My wanderers are not in the encyclopedia. Where are they?
  • If you have started a new campaign and are using a mod like Unlimited Wanderers or Companion Hoarder, then the mod probably isn't installed correctly.
  • If you have started a new campaign without a mod to make wanderers unlimited, then there is a risk that other wanderers were loaded instead of yours.
  • If you haven't started a new campaign then you might need to wait longer in-game until a new set of wanderers are loaded into the game.
Why are there new units in my encyclopedia?
  • At the moment the game doesn't allow me to give the companions "exclusive" gear, but instead give them equipment-sets of existing units. Thats why I have created my own units with those specific equipment. If you don't like it, you can use the optional file which doesn't make use of the personalized gear, to remove those units. (Though that may require you to start a new campaign, once you played with the mainfile)
The Wanderers show up in the encyclopedia, but not in the city it says they are in. Where are they?
  • The location mentioned in the encyclopedia isn't trustworthy, and almost always wrong. If they are in the encyclopedia then they have been loaded into the game, which means that they will show up in a city at some point or can be moved to a city using the developer console:

campaign.teleport_hero_to_settlement HeroName | SettlementName (as of now, this command doesn't work on newer versions of the game as far as I know)

You "promised" better Companion hiring prices with the latest update, why do I have still crazy expensive companions?
  • It is because you probably run the standalone version of 'Interesting Companions', which can't make use of the unit/equipment templates of my other mod 'Interesting Clans'. That forces the Companions which are related to the clans in my other mod to use already existing templates from the game, which makes them expensive for their gear.

The Companions don't have the exact gear in my game, as shown in the screenshots. Why is that?
  • I have used both of my mods; 'Interesting Clans' and 'Interesting Companions', in all the screenshots I have uploaded. You're may be just using the standalone version of 'Interesting Companions'.
  • There is a little equipment variation for some of the Companions, but don't worry their hiring-prices should stay relatively the same.

Why do I get this as dialogues? : "ERROR: Text with id backstory doesn't exist".

  • Thats probably because you tried to run more than one Companion mod at the same time. Because if you do, you'll get bugged dialogues.
  • The only way to use more Companion mods at the same time, is to manually merge them or to download the mod which fixes this issue; "Fixed Wanderer String Loader"