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Ballistas arrive on battlefield (not on siege)
Powerful weapons but not mobile once installed (see details for how to manage them)
This is a new artillery feature on Battlefields

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Ballistas on battlefields

It is an evolution that I wanted to implement for a long time. Like a field artillery from the medieval era.

How it works :

Requirements :

- The number of units depends on the number of your own party by the following formula  : Total party Number / 50 + 1
- You should have a formation (N°2 Ranged is privileged) with enough units (no mounted units), at least 1 for each Ballista

How to place them:

The ballistas will spawn near the location of your avatar, 2 possibilities :

- Spawn them one by one with  key [Q] (A for french azerty keyboard)
- Spawn all or the rest of them with key [E]

A new  formation unit will be created, you can give it orders such Holding Fire/Fire

You can also specify a targeting area:

1) Select the formation of ballistas units
2) Move the mouse cursor on the desired location
3) Press Left-Shift and then Left-click
(As long as the Left-Shift key is pressed, you will see the extent of the targeting area)

To cancel the area and return to standard targeting mode:

1) Select the formation of ballistas units
3) Press Left-Shift and then Right-click

Be aware that the ballistas are fragile, it is necessary to protect them from the Horsemen in particular, the enemies can seize the Ballistas and use them against you

The Ammos, two special arrows :

- Ricochet arrows wich can ricochet among targets (up to 4 ricochets, can be changed in config.file)
- Explosive arrows (3 arrows /shot like in Total War 3K,  can be changed in config.file)

You can turn off the special arrows in the configuration file, although the normal arrows are not that funny: ^^

to switch ammo, press middle mouse button while in Order menu (F1, F2....)

This mod has no influence on backups and can be safely uninstalled

See also my others mods :

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Unrar the file and place the BallistaOnBattleField folder into the modules folder located in (..\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules)
If you are experiencing crashes, ensure that you unblock the dll file in (..\BallistaOnBattleField\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client\BallistaOnBattleField.dll