Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Adds new, intuitive ways to increase relations with other characters. Also fixes earning relations when helping Lords in battle!

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Healthy Relationships aims to add new, intuitive ways to earn relations with the various characters within the game. Furthermore, it plans to fix some ongoing issues/bugs that are currently present, such as not earning any positive relation when helping a Lord in battle, etc.

Key Features

Honorary Tournament Invites
There is now a chance that you'll receive an invite from the owner of the Town that is hosting a Tournament. These should not occur often, so don't expect to see them straight away.

  • You have a choice on whether or not you accept the invitation, if you do, you'll receive an immediate relation increase.
  • Merely attending the Tournament will please the person who invited you and will result in a relation increase.
  • If you manage to win the Tournament, you will please the Town's Owner even more so and receive a further relation increase!
  • If you fail to attend the Tournament after accepting the invitation, you will receive a slight relation penalty.

The chances of you being invited are determined by a variety of factors:

  • Your relation with the Town's owner.
  • Your Character's Level & Clan Tier.
  • Now many Tournaments you've won in total, this includes ones you haven't been invited to.
  • For every pending invite, your chances of receiving another are decreased until you fulfill your current ones.

Note: You do not need an invite to participate in the Tournaments, the invite is purely for extra flavor and for the ability to increase your relations with the characters of the game.

Helping Lords In Battle
You will now earn relations with characters who you help in battle.

The amount of relation you gain with the character is based a variety of factors:
  • Whether or not they were the ones being attacked.
  • How much stronger or weaker the opposition was.
  • How much renown is gained for winning the battle.

Participating in Armies
You will now earn relations with the Leaders of the other parties that you're in an Army with.
  • This is earned on a per battle basis, applies to sieges, raids and field battles only.
  • The amount you earn is different for each Leader within the army.

Defeating Lords In Battle/Getting Defeated
When you personally slay an enemy Lord in battle (you actually being the one who knocks them unconscious), you will either gain or lose relations with that Lord. Whether you gain or lose relations is based on the personality traits of the Lord. This is done by calculating the amount of good traits they have versus the amount of bad traits they have. If the majority of traits they have are good (honorable, merciful, etc) then you will receive an increase in relationship, though if the Lord has negative personality traits, they will be bitter if they lose, and taunt you if they win, causing you to lose relation with them!

Dedicating Your Tournament Wins
Remember that feature in Warband? After you won a tournament, you could dedicate your win to Lady. This mod re-introduces that, but now you can dedicate your Tournament to any hero in the game for a small relation boost!

Spousal Compliments & Gifts
Players wanted more ways to improve your relations with their spouse, you can now do that! Once per in-game week, you can pay your spouse a lovely compliment that will surely sway them to your side. Alternatively, if you have a little extra cash, you can buy them a bouquet of their favorite flowers or a book to read on their travels.


  1. Extract the folder ("HealthyRelationships") to your M&B: Bannerlord "Modules" folder.
  2. Default Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules
  3. Within the Game's Launcher, tick the "Healthy Relationships" mod to Enable it.