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Removes the necessity of being in a settlement to regenerate crafting stamina. Ability to change crafting stamina cap and regen also provided.

Permissions and credits
I got tired of having to be in a settlement and wait to regen stamina. This mod lets you regen stamina while roaming the world.

  •  v.1.1.0 includes a config file so you can edit max stamina and stamina regen. This is now fully compatible with all mods as long as you deactivate/don't use the same tweaks on other mods at the same time.
If you want the regen out of town fix and don't care about changing the values, you can download either of the versions.

  • v1.2.0 updated config file to include an additional regen field, if variable stamina regen while in town and while roaming is wanted.

  • v1.3.0 Updated to support scaling of max stamina and stamina regen based on smithing level.
  • New config items added / updated to help configure how this mod interacts with the scaling.

  • v1.3.1 Bug fixes
  • v1.3.2 Cleanup, removed redundant code.

For manual install drag and drop "SmithStaminaRegenFix" in Bannerlord's Modules folder and enable it in the launcher.

How it works:
This mod patches the 'HourlyTick' function in 'CraftingCampaignBehavior' that updates the crafting stamina. In this function TaleWorlds checks if the hero is in a settlement, and only regenerates stamina when this is true. I run the exact same code as they do, but I removed the "in a settlement" requirement that they have.
The stamina cap and how much regen that is applied every tick can be changed in the provided config file.

This supports the new change in e1.5.8 that allowed max stamina and stamina regen to scale with your characters smithing level.

So you can either use the original max stamina, a static configurable one, or add the configurable value to the original.
For stamina regen, you can either use the orginal values by just configuring 0 and enabling scaling, or add the configurable value to the original by providing values > 0.

Default values in config:
Max Stamina: 100 extra max stamina added to the new scaled value.
Regen while in settlement: 5 extra added to the new scaled value.
Regen while roaming the world: 5 extra added to the new scaled value.

For the most vanilla experience (just wanting the stamina regen to also tick while roaming the world) do the following in Config.xml:
  1. Disable max stamina patching (set to 1).
  2. Have stamina regen scaled with smithing level enabled (set to 1).
  3. Configure both stamina regen while roaming and in settlement to 0.
This will have the effect of not impacting your max stamina and it will provide vanilla scaled regen both while roaming and in settlements resting.

Compatibility issues:
Not compatible with mods that edit 'HourlyTick' in 'CraftingCampaignBehavior' or rely on the original in any matter, 
which usually means all mods that enables changing the stamina cap and regen.
If this can be disabled in a mod that provides it, no issues should arise. Please let me know if it does.

Mods that edit / replace the DefaultSmithingModel will work just fine.

If this mod makes your game crash, make sure to unblock the .dll file!
  1. Navigate to "Modules/SmithStaminaRegenFix/bin/Win64_Shipping_Client"
  2. Right click "SmithStaminaRegenFix.dll" -> Click Properties -> Click Unblock button at the bottom.