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Overhauling Calradia by renaming existing Kingdoms/Clans/Castle/Lords AND VILLAGES! into Regions/Houses/Seats of Westeros. All of the most updated Files, come check it out.

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The year is 280 AC, King Aerys Targaryen, or the Madd King's paranoia has warped his mind. Some say he hears whispers from his demons, they tell him to "Burn them all, Burn them in their homes, Burn them in their beds. Burn them all." Lord's and Lady's watch in fear as the King order's his enemies burned alive. As tensions grow high, the Wardens once loyal and sworn to the crown have begun to dissolve their ancestral oaths to House Targaryen. One after another, Bannermen flock in support of their Lord's crowning them King's once more. With such a time of Betrayal, Greed, Corruption and Bloodshed, which side of History will your Great House be remember on.

Important: Files used in the MOD will replace existing game files, so backup these files before replacing them.

Unzip and drop into the Bannerlord Directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules).

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Mods used in collaboration:
Adonnay Troop Changer by Adonnay -
ASOIAF Banners by MacrmaM1234 -

Banner Creators:
House Reed by u/Rami512
House Bracken/House Bittersteal by Wrathfyre
House Manwoody/House Rowan by u/_Goldenhand_
House Blackwood by u/Crispy166
House Targaryen/House Blackfyre by u/reset5
House Florent by u/Meevious
House Yronwood/House Dustin/House Flint u/4080Nico