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Allows you to hire Sergeants from towns that increase your base party size, for a pretty penny. These units also grant in-battle morale buffs to units in the formation they are assigned to.
Updated for 1.5.9b/1.5.8!

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  • Mandarin
NEW: Updated for 1.5.9b/1.5.8! Tested on 1.5.9b.

This mod allows you to hire Sergeants from towns, which increase your party limit by a configurable amount each. Though expensive, they can allow you to challenge larger combined armies, or if given to a companion's party, they can prevent them from being overwhelmed by looter stacks.

Improved methods from a collaboration with Firemans, the creator of Scum and Villainy, that clear up information about party size bonus sources.

This mod has a Settings.xml file in its main directory. The parameters are:
  • infantry_sergeant_cost, the cost of an infantry sergeant unit
  • mounted_sergeant_cost, the cost of a mounted sergeant unit
  • ranged_sergeant_cost, the cost of a ranged sergeant unit
  • sergeant_party_size_bonus, the bonus to party size limit for each sergeant unit (of any type) in a party
New in 2.2.0+:
  • XXXXX_sergeant_hire_scale, the fraction of player clan renown to add to the price. If this is non-zero, these troops become more expensive as your clan grows.
  • lieutenant_bonus_size, the extra party size bonus (on top of the sergeant_party_size_bonus) per unit tier above 5.
  • warden_prisoner_size_bonus, the prisoner capacity bonus granted by wardens in a party.
  • male_fraction, the fraction of troops that are the male variant of sergeants and wardens.
  • sergeant_morale_boost_delay, the time between morale boosts that the sergeants grant their assigned formations (eg. Infantry, Ranged, Cavalry, etc.).
  • sergeant_morale_boost_amount, the amount of morale granted by each sergeant in a formation.
  • lieutenant_morale_boost_factor, the extra morale granted by lieutenant units (tier > 5).

This mod uses Harmony PostFix, which is compatible with other Harmony PostFixes, and using special method targeting it is also compatible with other mods that change the party size limit through overriding the GetPartyMemberSizeLimit method. This mod should be below any other party size-changing mod (as that should be loaded first).

This is extensible, as any unit with the "special" occupation will have the party size-increase effect. You can set this in other units in the game with no conflicts.

This mod is compatible with both 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 (and likely more versions of the game).

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    version 2.3.0: Sergeants now boost the morale of a formation they are assigned to by a configurable amount, in configurable intervals. This means you will want to store the assigned formation information, through something like Save My Formations, or an alternative.

    version 2.2.0: Wardens are now also available for hire, increasing prisoner limit by an adjustable amount. Thanks to SetArk for suggesting I implement it in this mod.

    version 2.1.2: Fixed the accidental constant size bonus as a relic frrom the Scum and Villainy implementation.

    version 2.1.1: Fixed compatibility with Harmony-based PostFix mods that decided to name a postfix method that can be named literally anything the same name as the native method

    version 2.1.0: Added Veteran Sergeant upgrades for hire-able sergeants, and made party size bonus information more clear.

    version 2.0.1: Fixed debugging code that had been left in the mod, which set the party size limit to 25 (a relic from testing how the mod handled overridden party size limit models). This has been removed, and was tested with another homebrew mod that changes party size limits.

    version 2.0.0: This version now allows for overriden GetPartyMemberSizeLimit methods, which makes it compatible with mods that override the function. I accomplished this by applying a targeted PostFix with Harmony on any GetPartyMemberSizeLimit methods in any loaded assemblies. If none are present, it will PostFix the native method.

    version 1.0.1: Multiple sergeants of the same type now all contribute to party size bonus.
    version 1.0.0: Initial upload, Sergeants available for hire in all towns. Sergeant units are outfitted similar to several top-tier mercenary company units.