Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Give NPCs alternative ways to repopulate. NPCs can have lovers, or they can make prisoners spend the night with them.

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New feature added in version 1.1.0: heroes now can die of old age.

This mod does not contain any sexual content. All actions happen behind the scenes.

The vanilla game does not allow NPCs to repopulate, they cannot marry at the moment. This mod provides alternative ways to repopulate.

Use a custom launcher. This will ensure that the mods load in the correct order. For example try this mod: Fixed Launcher
Download and install zenDzeeMods_RepopulateCalradia_Common.7z
>> This is a set of utility functions needed for other files. This file uses Harmony.
Download and install zenDzeeMods_RepopulateCalradia_Paramour.7z >> If you want to allows NPCs to have lovers.
Download and install zenDzeeMods_RepopulateCalradia_Prisoner.7z >> If you want to allow NPCs to force prisoners to spend the night with them.

Mod does not modify the marriage system, so it should be compatible with the mods like MarryAnyone.

Mod can be used with the existing save files.

Recommended mods:
Heritage - fixes children's attributes, skills, and equipment.

Features of zenDzeeMods_RepopulateCalradia_Paramour.7z

1. NPCs without a spouse may have lovers. The game treats lovers as "spouses" so that they can have children.
2. If the NPC marries, he or she will end the relationship with the lover.
3. If the NPC spouse cannot have children, he can start looking for a lover.
4. The NPC must be 30+ years old to have a lover.
5. The player cannot have a lover. This feature is in WIP.

How NPCs looking for lovers

On the next day after the birthday, NPC reflects on his life and may decide that he need a lover if the following conditions are met:
1. NPC older than 30 years.
2. NPC has no living children.
3. NPC has no spouse or spouse too old to have children.
4. The total count of clan members is less than 6. Without this limitation, you will get tons of children.
5. NPC is a noble and not a member of the player clan.

The lover should be:
1. Without a spouse.
2. Older than 30 years.
3. Not from the player clan.

Lovers are chosen from a list of SupporterNotables, but if NPC is older than 40 years, they can also choose from a list of wanderers.

Features of zenDzeeMods_RepopulateCalradia_Prisoner.7z

1. An NPCs or a Player may force prisoners in the dungeon to spend the night with them.
2. An NPCs or a Player can use prisoners only if they own the castle or town.
3. NPCs can also use a captive player. Note: this feature still in WIP.
4. There is very little chance that the captor or prisoner could become pregnant.

To make a prisoner spend time with you, go to the dungeon menu, click on the prisoner’s icon and click on the “Talk” button. Now go to the city menu and wait. Sorry, but there are no love scenes for you, use your imagination.