Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Splits and expands noble troop trees to make them more unique and diverse.

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As an attempt to make nobles more fair but also more potent and give more variety across and within cultures they've been given additional branches and extended to tier 7 (and a non-existing tier 8). To make it more difficult for the player to spam nobles, bandits no longer upgrade to mainline or noble troops - they now update to minor faction troops as it makes more sense and is more thematic.

With nobles going to higher levels than before, they're more survivable at all levels of medicine, and perform better in auto-calc, but have increased wages (tier 7's being at 33/day!)

The Aserai were given an Infantry branch that can either become Mubarizun, two-handed mace shock troops, or Daylami which later become Immortals - master of javelins, shield, and spear.

The Battanians Fian champions have been split between Fians and Galloglas, with the Fians no longer filling both the role of Shock Trooper and Archer, instead being purely improved Archers, the Galloglas can outperform the previous Fian Champions as pure shock troops. a tier 7 hybrid Battanian Champion exists but is worse than either at their speciality.

The Empire has also been given an infantry branch, the Imperial Excubitors, and a tier 7 offshoot of Cataphract Archers.

Khuzait were given a similar treatment to the battanians, as their Khan's Guard now are purely glaive users, while the Korchin are master horse archers, Kheshigs fill the roll of a weaker hybrid.

Sturgian Varyag can now become either Scions, an earlier tier of Druzhinnik. Druzhinnik now use two handed axes and javelins with shields. The Varyag Veterans can either become Varyag Elite, or Vityaz - which later become Bogatyr. The Vityaz and Bogatyr are a unique brand of Skirmisher that uses a Shield, Axe, and Bow and Arrow capable of quickly switching roles.

Vlandias new Infantry branch, the Man-at-Arms, can either become Foot Knights/Battlemasters - with many similarities to the main lines sergeants, or a branch of shock troopers who use two handed swords and pikes: The Mercenary Noble Line. Mercenary Nobles advance to Landsknecht which advance to Doppelsoldner.

Compatibility: This mod can be added at any point to a save, but once introduced it cannot be removed. Compatibility with other mods that edit noble troops is not guaranteed.

You may crash when attempting to view troops in the encyclopedia. We are currently unsure of the cause and therefore providing a solution has been rather tricky.