Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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About this mod

An attractive female character preset of Mila, who is a Sturgian girl eager for adventure.

Permissions and credits
Bijin Presets: Mila
Bijin Presets is my series of aesthetically pleasing but also realistic companion presets.

Usage Instructions
Simply download the file and copy (Ctrl + C) the contents.

To use as your character in a new save
Simply paste the contents by pressing Ctrl + V while in-game when making a new character.

To use as your companion or for your existing character
You'll need the Detailed Character Creation mod, which you can obtain from here:

Once that's installed, open up the Encyclopedia with N, click on Edit Appearance up at the top and paste the contents with Ctrl + V.

Use Case Scenarios
Mila looks somewhat similar to Mina from the Western Empire (checked on Beta 1.4.1) but looks better. If you intend to marry Mina in-game, then you can use this preset to improve her looks.

In my playthroughs, I typically look for a female Sturgian wanderer with the type "Longknife" or if I want to have Mila's backstory where she grew up in Imperial lands whose parents are Sturgian migrants, then I will look for a Empire wanderer with the type "the Wronged" who typically has 120 Crossbow skill.

Typically Mila plays as a personal aid, like a squire, in my playthroughs. She may not be the strongest sword for hire, but she sure is a great addition to any party.

Please see the Images tab for more pictures.

Bijin Presets Series