Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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A treeless and policy based approach for having female soldiers throughout Calradia.

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For those looking to have female soldiers in the game but could do without the hassle of micromanaging even more troops and the headaches brought about by corrupted saves. It works by changing the gender of soldiers only after they have spawned in battle (or in cities, conversations, arenas, etc.), which avoids having to add new units or unit trees.

These treeless troops (TTs for short) are entirely cosmetic and how much they appear in the game will change over time depending on the policies of the kingdoms. By default, all parties will already have a few percentage of women soldiers and if they become part of a kingdom which has enacted the "Charter of Liberties" policy, that percentage will grow over time to eventually cover around half of the troops.

The female troop coverage for new parties will depend on whether or not those parties belong to a kingdom and if that kingdom has enacted the aforementioned policy (and for how long). The percentage of TTs can also decrease over time if a party leaves the kingdom or if the policy is revoked.

Soldier tiers are not uniformly affected: in the beginning only the lower tiers will feature women in their ranks, but over time more experienced TTs will make it to the higher ranks. All these changes are gradual and configurable. See the settings section below if you want to tweak the default values into something more to your liking.

I recommend using Vortex since it handles everything automatically. If you install manually, take care to unblock the DLL file after downloading or it might crash the game. You can remove the mod at any time without issues, and if you later reinstall the female troop coverage you had will be restored.

Open the file "TreelessFemaleTroops.dll.config" next to the DLL with a text editor and change the values of the different settings. More info below.

The description text added to the kingdom policy is not localized and the troop names will sometimes not be suitable for female soldiers.

If you have other issues or a suggestion, please leave a comment or create a bug report.