Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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This mod makes ai infantry keep their shield up at all times while in line or loose formation. This does not affect their ability to move or fight.
The mod allows you to use different pieces of the Realistic Battle Mod. I wanted certain sections of the mod for my own usage and have made others available upon request.

Permissions and credits
This mod is directly sourced from Realistic Battle Mod


Realistic Shield Usage
  • All units have their shields in front of them in all formations, unless they are using 2 handed weapon.
  • Unit defensivness is set to higher factor, units now fight as if they're trying to live through battle not speedrun it.

Realistic Shield Hitboxes
  • Shields now have realistic hitboxes ( vanilla their collsion hitbox is much bigger then their visual size). This means arrow volleys
  • or well aimed shots can now go around shield or even pass through shieldwall. ( hitting arms, legs or legs that are sticking out ).
AI Tactical Options
  • Unlocked tactical options for AI, prepare for some interesting battles

Video demonstrating shield usage versus infantry/archer composition