Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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All throwing weapons can now be retrieved from corpses and dropped shields. Throwing Spears and Pilas now aim exactly like javelins.

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All throwing weapons can now be retrieved from corpses and dropped shields.  Throwing Spears and Pilas now have a holster which somehow makes them throw exactly like javelins.

Currently only makes Vanilla throwing weapons retrievable.

Vanilla problems:
Throwing spears, pilas, javelins, and throwing knifes were not retrievable from corpses or dropped shields.
Throwing spears and Pilas would spawn the thrown projectile from the right hip rather than out of the face like javelins. This made aiming them completely different and more difficult than aiming a javelin.

Mod changes: 
All crafting blade pieces used to make any in-game throwing spear, pila, javelin, or throwing knife have had the flag "CanBePickedUpFromCorpse" added to them. Yep, it's that simple.
Made a new crafting template called "ThrowingSpear". The Jagged Throwing Spear, Triangular Throwing Spear, and Pila are now crafted with this crafting template. It's essentially a copy of the TwoHandedPolearm crafting template except the weapons get holsters. I have NO idea why giving the throwing spears a holster makes them throw the same way as javelin, but it works.

The Throwing Spears and Pilas have repeated weapon usages when you mouse over the items in-game. I don't know how to fix this, but it's only visual.
In the Smithy menu, the new Throwing Spear crafting template doesn't have a name string. I tried but don't know how to add in a name string without crashing the game or losing a lot of compatability.   So for now the crafting template simply has no name but at least it's stable. See bugs. If you know how to simply add in one string please let me know!!!