Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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This mod adds 6 Warband factions to the game as minor factions. Each one has their own troop trees and nobles.

Permissions and credits

-Added Sarranids, Nords, Rhodoks, Swadians, Khergits and Vaegirs as tier 5 mercenary clans.
-All have classic troop trees from Warband.
-Familiar faces such as King Harlaus and Ragnar return to lead the factions.


-Put the "WarbandMinors" folder into \Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules folder.
-OR: Install through vortex like you would install any other mod

Recommended mods:

Minor Clan Troop Recruitment So you can recruit these troops from taverns.

RecruitablePrisonersMods For easier access to troops

Calradia at War (Custom Spawns) for more chaos and minor factions :)



-Gave nord troops new equipment and added more variety
-Gave Ragnar unique equipment


-Gave vaegir troops new equipment and added more variety
-Took away Vaegir Veteran's chance to spawn with a horse because it messed up formation AI.
-Gave swadian troops new equipment and added more variety
-Gave sarranid troops new equipment and added more variety
-Gave sarranid emirs new equipment
-Changed sarranid troop colours
-Added description for all clans
-Fixed 1.4.1 crashing when talking to new lords


-Gave every noble unique equipment and character traits
-Gave the Vaegirs a simplier flag because the old one broke when changing allegiance
-Some minor balance changes


-NEW FACTION: Sanjar's Khergits

  • New Units
  • New Lords
  • Led by Sanjar
  • Starting at war with the Khuzait

-Now at the start every new faction starts at war with their native kingdom, I.e the Swadians and Rhodoks start at war with the Vlandians and so forth.
-Made the lords have slighty smaller armies, so they don't have to declare backruptcy as often.
-Adjusted the starting location for each faction, so they are not instantly surrounded by enemies.
-Clan cultures changed back to base game ones for gameplay purposes.


Not really the most gamechanging patch, but just wanted to upload something i've worked on. A bigger patch incoming soon if i can get it to work properly.

-Rhodok Trained Crossbowmen now have shoes!
-Small balance changes all around

-9 New female troop tree inspired by the one we have in Warband.

-Right now I haven't intergrated these troops anywhere yet, so the only way to get access is to download Minor Clan Troop Recruitment and get them at taverns.