Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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A balanced and lore friendly rework of the Aserai Troop Tree

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The Aserai in most games were simply push overs. The Empire, Khuzait, and Vlandians would simply march through their territory like it was free real estate. This mod is aimed to make them competitive yet still maintain the balance and lore-friendly build of the troops and tree.

Initial Key Change Note:

>Biggest change is the removal to the Mameluk branch. Mameluk tends to refer to some status concerning being or formerly being a slave. This seemed a needless title, especially when the Ghilmans entire lore is based around the premise of slave.

>Cavalry and Shock Troop branches that were part of the Mameluk branch were moved into the infantry branch.

>Infantry was given an increase to armor slightly along with shield protection for the tier 1 units. 

>Few name changes

>Shock Troop Tree given significant increase to armor to help increase usefulness and life longevity.

>Removed skirmisher and replaced with a tier 2 archer. 

>Archers only go up to tier 4 to reflect the cultural history of whom the Aserai are based upon.

I will not be updating this mod anymore. All future updates to the main faction tree will be located here: VirtuallyIdiotics Faction Tree