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A simplistic mod that adds 5 new female infantry units to replace the current sturgian elite troop line.

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A simplistic mod that adds 5 new female infantry units to replace the current sturgian elite troop line i.e.

Sturgian Warrior Son     -->   Sturgian Warrior's Daughter
Varyag                             -->   Sturgian Shield-Maiden
Varyag Veteran               -->   Sturgian Veteran Shield-Maiden
Druzhinnik                       -->   Sturgian Valkyrie
Druzhinnik Champion    -->   Sturgian Veteran Valkyrie

All units have updated equipment sets using pre-existing items from the base game except valkyries have a crafted battle hammer. Also, Valkyries use the triangular throwing spear which packs a nice punch. I tried to keep the units as balanced as possible. The valkyries are essentially slightly stronger legionaries with their blunt one-handed and throwing spear. Their skills are comparable to other tier 6 troops. I have not played enough to test if the battle hammer can be purchased although it can be acquired through crafting and turning on cheats.

v1.01: I updated the skills of the troops to match the battanian fians more closely. The biggest difference is Sturgian Warriors Daughters had their riding and athletics flipped so now they won't lag behind your troops as much.

v1.1.0: The mod now only edits sea raider upgrade paths and not all the bandits. The battle hammer was the best mace in the game and its stats were changed to be more lore-friendly. There is an optional file with the old, more powerful battle hammer.

Note: all old elite units still exist. They have simply been replaced. This is my first mod so please feel free to help me out if you find any bugs.

The troop IDs for the new units are as follows:






I Highly Recommend Adding My Other Mod:
It will make the throwing spears of the valkyries retrievable. It also makes throwing spears easier to throw for the player and makes other throwing weapons retrievable.