Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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A simple MOD to move all non-shielder infantry to Skirmisher's formation.

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This will assign specific troops (non-shielder infantry) to Skirmisher's formation. 
Save file friendly. 

How to install: 
Download the file and paste "Nonshielder" folder in module folder. 

  • If you call skirmisher's formation, it will shout archers or bowman. Unfortunately, I don't known how to fix this. 
  • If you raid a village, your skirmishers will spawn in the middle of the map. I think this is game's bug itself. e1.4.1 update said that they already fixed it, but its not. 

  • Not applicable to custom troops. But you can easily do this for custom troops by changing default_group="Infantry" to default_group="Skirmishers". You should be able to found this under "NPCCharacters" module file or spnpccharacters.xml file.
  • Any formation changes made in-game will not persist upon loading your save file. Again, we are directly editing the default_group of troops in game file and not saving troops formation.
  • Companion's formation will not be changed by this mod. 

Recommended mod:
Overhead Shieldwall - Testudo formation (Poorman version)  - Since you no longer have non-shielder in your infantry formation. You can now do a full shieldwall without paper troops.