Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Assaulting a hideout? Don't want randoms? Use this mod to pick your squad.

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You choose your roster to assault a hideout not randomly.  You can assault those infested hideouts with your best troops or get your lowbie troops some juicy exp for the small hideouts.

You choose who goes with you.  If you don't fill all the slots, the game will randomly fill the rest with your companions coming first. 

Will dynamically read the GetHideoutBattlePlayerMaxTroopCount() method to determine party size. So using mods that change the number of party members allowed should work if they use that method.  

Uses harmony to patch in the Roster picker window and priority troop queue.

I made this mod because having my squad randomly picked to assault a 50 man hideout was not acceptable to me.  The game defaults to a party size of 9 and so many mods allowed you to change that cap.  I preferred the challenge of keeping a small elite team so I set out to create this.  It should work with any mod that changes the max number but I found it fun to kill a 50 bandit hideout with only 8 buddies, and myself :)  Using archers and crossbow peeps works great.