Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Silen or Gab and Piconi and NIN3 and MisterOutofTime and Noudelle and Klausolus and Terco Viejo and Younes123 and Marko and Brandis and viciwz007

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This mod has changes to combat designed by competitive players in both WB and BL MP, with the intended purpose of making combat more fast-paced, rhythmic, and responsive. Originally intended (and used) for custom serverside modifications, the release of EA broke the functionality of custom servers, and instead, it has been repurposed for SP.

Permissions and credits
This is NOT MY WORK! All credit goes to the wonderous creators and co-operators of the original parameters by their forum handles: Silen/Gab, Piconi, NIN3, MisterOutOfTime, Noudelle, Klausolus, Terco_Viejo, Younes123, Marko, Brandis and viciwz007.

Find the full changelog and notes here (along with much discussion and thoughts from MP players):

Installation instructions: drag and drop combat_parameters.xml, native_parameters.xml, and managed_core_parameters.xml into Modules/Native/ModuleData. Back those files up, and to uninstall, verify game integrity or replace the modified files with the vanilla/default ones.

And before anybody asks, trying to make this a module was impossible and extremely difficult. It seems that the engine is hardcoded to read these XMLs only from the Native module. Settle for this fix instead.

This mod will very likely do some weird things to MP, uninstall when you try to play MP just in case.

Summary of the changes:
 - Blocking made faster
 - Attack delay reduced, attack windup made faster
 - Defender blockstun increased
 - Attacker blockstun reduced
 - Shield stance modifier removed
 - Shield correct direction block modifier reduced
 - Sideways and diagonal movement speed reduced
 - Movement acceleration to top speed reduced
 - Backwards movement speed increased
 - Horse maneuverability slightly increased
 - General movement made much tighter and responsive
 - Chamber blocking window made easier
 - Horse rearing damage threshold decreased
 - Damage curves tweaked to be more consistent and do higher damage
 - Increased the frequency of glances when attacking extremely early in the animation
 - Spear damage tweaked; made more consistent, more viable at close range, more early compared to current build (intended by the original creators? I don't know)

What does this mean in combat?
 - In general, a faster-paced, more rhythmic game with engaging, responsive combat
 - Movement more responsive, more snappier, less all over the place
 - Hit and run, orbiting and kiting tactics nerfed (free win buttons against the AI, especially in tournaments)
 - Spears are better in combat and more viable in the hands of the player and AI