Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Mod that makes the Sturgian troops more nordic, trying to represent the historical scandinavian armies of the IX - X centuries

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Hi there!

I made this mod because I didn't like the vanilla sturgian troops.
I wanted to represent the scandinavian armies of the IX - X centuries with the existing items in the vanilla Bannerlord game.
I tried to balance the troops giving them better stats because they have lesser armor as the vanilla ones

What do this mod do?

-It has a new troop tree for sturgia.
- there are 2 specializations for the common Infantry, Swords and Spears
- Archers as a ranged troops
- Light cavlary (Basicaly mounted spearmans)
- No more bearserks (In my opinion were very rare and didnt pass much with the actual items of the vanilla bannerlord )
- Heavy infantry for the noble line (the last 2 tiers are armed with 2H Axes)
- I removed any slavic object with exception of some llamelar armors that I find it nordic enough
- As aditional file I made a config file for "BearMyShield" mod to have diferent designs for the shields
- As aditional file I made a config file for "Poc Color Randomizer" mod to have diferent uniform colors
- Replaces the Sturgian random names for more scandinavian names

Hope you like the mod!