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Allows you to place your troops before field battles. One Step Ahead!
No more ridiculous speed boost with legendary perks like Way of the Sword, etc.

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Pick the One Step Ahead perk in Tactics skill tree and nothing happens?
Join a tournament and lose to lords using bladestorms with 270+ one handed skill?
Now here is the solution!

1.Allows you to place your troops before all battles. One Step Ahead!
Like Siege Battle, this mod makes a deployment phase for wild encounters to let you deploy your troops one step ahead of battle.
        Position and formation orders will take effect immediately.
        Move orders( Charge, Advance, etc) and Stop Fire orders for archers will take effect after battle starts.
Mount and dismount orders will not function at all. (I might find a solution to this if I have enough time.)
        Press E to Start Battle!

Floating Camera Added, yes it's the default observation camera.
Deploy Area Restriction Added. Distance from the  front boundary to player is calculated by [base + factor*Tactics], base and factor can be changed in settings.
Example: Tactics 100, default settings give your 50+0.25*100 = 75 m distance in front of you to place your troops.
        (I add this to make it more immersive and not too op with new floating camera. Is it good to deploy your knights behind enemy back?)

Deployment Before Battle: Values 0,1,2
0 Disabled.
1 Enabled If you have the One Step Ahead perk.(Default)
2 Always enabled even you don't have the perk.
        Front Line Distance Base:  Deploy Area Front Boundary Distance to Player at 0 Tactics
        Front Line Distance Factor: Each skill value of Tactics add this value to final Boundary Distance

2. No more ridiculous speed boost with legendary perks like Way of the Sword, etc.
Some perk values are broken, this mod fixes some of them to fit the description.
Fixed Perks:
OneHanded ToBeBlunt
OneHanded ShieldWall
OneHanded ArrowCatcher
OneHanded WayOfTheSword
TwoHanded Terror
TwoHanded Hope
TwoHanded WayOfTheGreatAxe
Polearm       StandardBearer
Polearm       HorseKiller
Polearm       Footwork
Polearm       Lancer
Throwing     SkullCrusher


Like other mods, unzip and then drop OphiasPerkFixes folder into modules folder (Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules).

Planned Features:
1. Floating Camera for Deployment Phase
2. Add deploy area restriction.
3. Dynamic deploy area restriction expanding/validing with Tactics/Leadership/Roguery skill values.
4. Buttons for Start Battle and Reset Camera, etc.
5. More visible and beautiful boundary marker. The current one is too ugly.
6. If the stable version is still 1.4.0 this Saturday, make it compatible.
7. (optional)Deploy time limit , longer with higher Leadership skill. (Stronger leadership, more commands.)
8. (optional)Some small deployable areas at enemy side or back, enabled by Roguery skill. (Oh, chivalry is dead.)


Made for Game Version 1.4.1. Will NOT work on 1.4.0. ( If the stable version is still 1.4.0 this Saturday, I'll make it compatible)
Modlib 1.4 is required if you want to change the settings. The mod will still work without modlib but you won't be able to change the settings.

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