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About this mod

This little mod does the simple deed of adding the beloved Rhodoks into Bannerlord. They have their own troops and nobles added, led by a living legend Grunwalder.

Permissions and credits
-Mod requires a clean new save to work.
-Check out my other mod that adds all of the Warband kingdoms as minor factions with troop trees.

About Rhodoks:

-Same base tree from warband with 2 lines, with a new t5 troop called "Rhodok Pikeman".
-Noble tree is elite infantry with high athletics and thick armour.
-The southern parts of Vlandia is transfered to the Rhodoks.
-4 towns, 3 castles and 7 clans.
-It is possible to join the faction although some conversation text is missing
1.4.1 beta release
-Probably adding new towns/castles for both Rhodoks and Vlandia for balance.
-New troops for rhodoks. (Taking suggestions in comments)

-Fixing tournaments and missing texts.
-Put both "Rhodoks" and "Sandbox" into \Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules folder and make sure to replace any folder when it asks you.
-Downloading through vortex didnt install the mod properly so the option is disabled for the time being.

Known Bugs:
-Entering a tournament in Rhodok Cities causes the game to crash.
-some text is missing.
-Should be compatible with anything that doesnt mess with "settlements" file
Tested mods:

Special thanks
to Alkoon. I learned a lot about file editing from his mod.