Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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About this mod

New dialog to select clan leader, check clan member's equipment and stats. Mod automatically fixes skills and attribute points of all noble NPCs. Also fixes skills of newborn children. Added face randomization for children and equipment assignment.

Permissions and credits
NOTE: This mod was made with the idea that someday TW will fix these bugs, so my mod will not cause any conflicts with them.

Mod does not work on Beta.

Beta is not supposed to be used with mods. People think that the Beta is a game version that goes before the Stable version, but it is not true. Beta is a separate branch of the game for devs to experiment with.

Please do not use mods on Beta.

Mod features

1. Select clan leader. You will control this character.
2. You can talk to clan members to open their inventory window or character window.
3. Mod checks if there any lord (including clan members) who has incorrect numbers of attribute points, skill points, focus points, and fixes them.
4. Mod checks if the NPC does not have the equipment and grants him a new set of equipment (copy of his parent's equipment).
5. Randomizes NPC's face if it is a copy of their parent's face.
6. Applies all fixes and randomization to newborn children.
7. Applies all fixes and randomization to the new clan leader.
8. Mod uses only basic API, does not save any data, does not access game internals. That makes it compatible with almost everything.
9. Safe to install and uninstall in the mid-game.
10. Open-source. Check the sources to learn how to use StaticBodyProperties, open character window, and merge parties.
11. Mod supports translations.
12. Fixed dialogue chain about political marriage, now you can get your children married to other lords.

How to select a new clan leader
Only family members can be selected as a new clan leader. Talk to your family member:
- About your position in the clan...
- I want you to lead our clan.
Unpause the game. Your party, your money, your items, prisoners, everything will be merged with the party of the new clan leader.
Warning: All unfinished quests will fail, this is native behavior and it can not be avoided.
Warning: After selecting a new clan leader you will lose 100 influence points.

How to open an inventory/character window
Talk to your clan member:
- About your position in the clan...
- Let me check your progress. (Opens character window)
- Do you need new equipment? (Opens inventory window)

Fixes will only be applied once a year, on the NPC’s birthday.
Be patient, do not panic if the attributes and appearance of your children remain unchanged for a long period of time.

How the face randomization works
Eye color, eye shape, ear shape, lips shape, jaw shape, nose shape, hair color, and skin color,  each of them will be randomly copied from one of the parents. All other face parameters were chosen as random numbers between mother's and father's face parameters. That allows NPCs to have unique faces and still be recognized as children of their parents.

Known issues
There is a bug in the game that will cause CTD when you try to open the Face editor window for the characters under 22 years old. It cannot be fixed on my side, sorry.
The game does not check if the marriage candidates are still alive. So in order to avoid dead people's marriages, I have removed some dead heroes from the clans.

Main file source code

P.S. This mod took me a lot of time, I faced many bugs and unimplemented functionality of the game. If you like the mod, please endorse it :)

The experimental file is deleted.
Thank you all for the comments! I decided to separate this experimental file into a mod that helps NPCs to repopulate.
Link: Repopulate Calradia