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This mod can be installed through Vortex. Make sure to enable it in the MB2 launcher afterwards.

To install manually, unpack the GayMarriage folder to your Modules folder. For example, C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules.
The module should then appear as an option in the launcher.


The mod contains a "config.xml" file with a few values you can tweak. The file is found in the mod install folder under ModuleData.
The available options are:
- pregnancy: value must be one of Me, MyPartner, Neither. This setting determines who, in a female/female same-sex marriage, will get pregnant.
- maxagefemale/maxagemale: overrides the maximum marriage age for each gender. Must be greater than or equal to 18.


- Can I have children with this mod?
Only male/female and female/female marriages can currently produce children. To enable female/female pregnancies, change the pregnancy setting in config.xml to either "Me" or "MyPartner".

- Who can I/can't I marry?
Your partner must be:
- in the correct age range (18-35 for women, 18-40 for men, or whatever you set in the config file)
- currently unmarried
- a noble (member of a kingdom)
- not the leader of their faction (sorry, Rhagaea admirers)
- not related to you within 3 generations
These are the same rules that exist in the base game, minus gender restrictions.

- Can I marry Empress Rhagaea, one of my companions, or adopt children?
These are features that would go well with this mod but are probably out of scope. Since you can load multiple mods at once in Bannerlord, it's possible I or someone else will make a different mod that adds these features. In that case, I will try to ensure this mod is compatible.

- Will you add gender preferences or more romance dialogue?
Not in this mod.

- Will you add homophobia or polygamy?

Crash reports:

If the game crashes on startup after installing a mod, please check the following:
- Make sure the module folder name is exactly "GayMarriage". M&B2 appears to crash on startup if the module ID doesn't match the folder.
- Check that Windows isn't blocking the DLL file. Open the folder where you installed the mod and browse to bin\Win64_Shipping_Client. Right-click on the DLL file, click on Properties, then if there's a button titled "Unblock", press it.

If the mod still crashes your game, please send me a message with as much information as possible (when it occurred, what version of M&B2 and the mod you're running). If possible, please send a ZIP of the relevant crash dump (found in C:\Programdata\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\crashes).


The pregnancy option now applies to all same-sex player marriages, including male/male couples.
Added config file for age limits and female pregnancy controls
Updated some dialogue lines in the courtship persuasion to be gender-appropriate
Changes are now applied via Harmony to avoid potential problematic interactions with different game versions and save files
Modified initial courtship dialogue lines to match the gender of the person you're talking to
Fixed the version number in the launcher
Player can start courtship regardless of gender

Known issues:
- The rewritten dialogue options are not localized in any language except English. If you would prefer to see the original localized text, use version 0.0.1.