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AI during sieges now actually listen to you. They will not charge at the beginning. They stop running to use ladders continuously until they die. They start and stop using siege towers and battering rams if you tell them to. Complete control!

Well-tested for game versions 1.4.2 and 1.4.1

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Well-tested for game versions 1.4.2 & 1.4.1

*Note I am pausing development until the game devs release their promised mod tools.*

Fix Siege AI


While under player command:

  1. During offensive sieges, troops no longer charge automatically and continuously to their deaths to lift ladders, etc.
  2. Offensive/defensive sieges no longer reassign formation locations when assault begins.
  3. Native blue-gear usage via hovering+click over rams and towers now works to toggle use of them
  4. Selected formations will stop using all siege weapons if told to halt F1>F6
  5. Battering ram formation will attack inner gate after destroying outer gate
  6. Commands work during deployment and are respected on transition
  7. Upon charge, F1>F3, troops attack path based on nearness and least resistance (towers and ladders must be deployed to use)
  8. Status updates on siege weapon usage and inner/outer castle gates
  9. Ranged siege weapons have infinite ammo
  10. Annoying blue gear is removed after the battering ram destroys the outer gate

Please post feature requests in the forum, I am very open to feedback and suggestions!

Author's Notes

This mod makes controlling sieges WAY MORE FUN! Even with the changes of this mod, the game remains exceptionally balanced. Sieges are realistic; as drawn out range and siege engine skirmishes. Your troops are in range of them if they are in range of you.

Still, if you want to give the order to charge and go all out, or delegate command to AI, you can! I realize the name of this mod might be misleading because when the AI are controlling your troops they will act as usual. Instead, this mod removes AI elements of player control, allowing the player to micromanage their troops, thereby rewarding player strategy. This opens up an entirely new learning and interaction experience that makes sieges very gratifying.


This mod is open source. I welcome any help with the project at the github repo here. Optional source code on nexusmods also included to help others learn how to mod field/siege battles without hijacking the OnApplicationTick method. I'm happy to give guidance on modding Bannerlord in general, I am only a novice to C#, but I've learned a lot with the help of others. I also welcome recommendations for improvement to my own code.


  • Select a formation (1-9) and hover cursor over castle gates and siege weapons to show a blue/grey gear symbol; click to order the selected formation to attack a gate/use a siege weapon
  • Keep a formation in the rear, tell them to use a siege weapon using the previous tip, and they will ensure the siege weapon is manned while staying in the rear. You can also tell them to stop firing when the rams/towers are at the walls using the halt command F1>F6.
  • Siege weapons can be manned by delegating a formation to AI, and they will usually prefer to use them
  • Archers will use cover best if you delegate to AI or if you use the Scatter formation command, but the latter is better used for small groups depending on the available cover
  • Maps that put ranged siege weapons farther away from enemy archers allow for much more drawn out siege weapon skirmishes


  • for the love of god fix siege tower ladders
  • improve archer rate of fire
  • increase ballista arrow velocity and accuracy, decrease reload time, and enable zoom to make them more valuable
  • fine-tune how formations use/follow siege machines, seems broken for ballistae and random for rams and towers
  • treat barricades as usables to assign troops to take cover behind
  • make battering ram detachment attack gate, rather than creating a new detachment
  • stop ram detachment from shuffling positions when reaching gate
  • patch for making formations follow when using ram/tower (only works sometimes), will be easier if devs release the FollowEntity movement order, for now formations must be manually advanced
  • lower the minimum range for siege weapons, especially trebuchets
  • ensure defender/attacker balancing, likely by encouraging towns/castles to emphasize fire onagers if possible
  • improve onager/trebuchet reload pathfinding, perhaps add extra StandingPoints
  • make walls completely destructible and carry that over to campaign map
  • known crash involving using gear option to re-use siege weapons/use ammo piles, issue on dev end, reported
  • allow rams and towers to be blue-geared before arriving at walls (works when at walls)
  • get troops to attack second gate without grey-gearing
  • change attacking priority so troops will take the path of least resistance, i.e. if the gate is destroyed or if siege towers are fully deployed
  • manage how troops are commanded so that siege weapons are not stopped using if a new order is given
  • stop ladders from still being forced used in certain conditions
  • settings menu to enable/disable settings
  • add hotkeys that toggle formations using particular siege engines/weapons, also that force them to use a specific lane / entry method
  • give a report when using the blue-gear command
  • give a report when using the grey-gear command
  • fix so ram is deactivated/disabled to no longer give blue-gear icon after first gate is down
  • fix so grey-gear inner gate works from outside walls
  • stop defender ai from falling off walls
  • verify mod works as sergeant