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Wish you could get the market rumors every time you entered a new town or village, without having to go around begging for news?
Latest Trade Rumors is the answer to all your problems :) Make pots of money by easily gathering rumors on all the hottest deals around you!

Permissions and credits
News: Works with almost ALL items! You can get trade rumors on almost every item in the game, except a few custom items!

Description: This mod allows you to gather trade rumors every time you enter a town or village. Depending on your settings, you can get a few (or more) trade rumors from nearby, or all across Calradia, and you can choose to get trade rumors only from the big towns, or even gather them from the small villages. Make pots of money by easily gathering rumors on all the hottest deals around you!

How To Install: Simply UNZIP and move the Latest Trade Rumors folder to your game modules folder. Uses Harmony and Mod Configuration Menu v3.1.9 for easy configuration in-game. Harmony and MCM latest version required for the configuration of the mod.

Safety: It is safe to install mid-game and it is also safe to uninstall it mid-game. Does not save any data to the game save file.

Compatibility: Compiled on e1.5.7 Stable version. Should work on higher versions also. Should not clash with any mod as such. However, it may not work with custom items unless the format is exactly like that of the standard items in the game. As of right now, I am unable to solve this.

Credits: Special thanks to ReaperAnon for his mod AssessTradePrices which inspired me to make this mod. I thank him for having open permissions to use his source code, which I used to form the framework of this mod. If you like this mod and choose to endorse it, please also go to the above link and download and endorse his mod. Also major thanks to mod authors and TaleWorlds Discord users @z bb - tablet (bot easy) (berthold32dll on Nexus), @Cheyros (Cheyron on Nexus), @gnivler (gnivler on Nexus) & @zenDzee (zenDzee on Nexus) who helped and guided me whenever I was stuck while making this mod.

Please post in messages or make a bug report in case of any issues. I'll do my best to solve them. I am not very expert with C# or modding in general, so expect delays in coming up with the required solutions.

Thanks and Regards,