Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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A troop tree rework for the Legion of the Betrayed.

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Last of the Legion

There will no longer be any future updates for this mod. All updates for this minor faction will be apart of this mod: VirtuallyIdiotics Minor Faction Pack

First off, this is not a realism mod or a mod to add in an actual unit tree of say ancient Roman. There are quiet a few well made realism unit tree mods if that is what you are looking for and I do encourage you to explore such mods. This is a mod that reworked the Legion of the Betrayed troop tree. The minor factions, such as the Legion of the Betrayed, in vanilla are very bland and lack depth. This mod is an attempt to expand upon them and to give them a much more diverse troop tree. 

The mod takes the vanilla troop tree list, makes some slight changes, and expands upon the vanilla tree by adding in cavalry and ranged units while taking a few influences from ancient Rome. You have your standard Hastati, Principes, and Triarii. The Eques I originally and still would like to make a tier 3 unit that was an upgrade from the Hastati, but apparently you can only have two unit upgrades per unit. The Veles is your light skirmisher unit that upgrades into the Sagittarius, your basic medium archer unit. Hopefully I can expand further upon this tree depending on how the game progresses in the development. 

This mod should work in both 1.3.0 and beta 1.4.0 as well as needing very little updating since it does not use certain file(s) that the main faction troop trees requires. 

Works Well With:
Iron Arm of Vlandia, Sturgian DualityKhuzait Horsemasters and The Woods of Battania. Troop tree mods by Zaldiir. As well as The Mystic Sands, Imperial Reform, Born to be Wild, and Cossacks of Calradia. Creating an even more unique yet balanced feel to your game.