Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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This mod overhauls character hair and eye colors. It has several versions for compatibility.

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This mod changes hair and eye colors to add more variety. I balanced hair around its visibility in the game world. The character editor can be misleading and native hair colors will show up differently in towns. I have added new eye colors to give players more variety with their character design. The native selection was rather lacking in my opinion.

Suggestions and feedback are welcome. Please let me know if you have any issues.

Only use one version

EyeColorOverhaul - Contains only eye colors
HairColorOverhaul - Contains only modified hair colors
HairEyeColorOverhaul - Merges the two above versions for use together
HairEyeColorOverhaul(DCC) - This version is for players who use Detailed Character Creation. This file will replace the skins.xml provided by DCC with a merged version.

Installation: Use vortex
When installing the DCC compatible version, you will get a mod conflict. Choose to load this mod after DCC. This will allow it to overwrite with my merged version of DCC's file.

I use and recommend the following mods to be used alongside my mods.
Dro's Lighting Improvement
Detailed Character Creation - with compatibility version

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