Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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感谢 MOD Rulership: 参考了部分代码,主要是如何创建新家族。这使我节省了时间研究。
感谢玩家 blub5: 感谢他详细解说了Rulership 出现闪退的问题。让我知道我应该要去解决这个问题。
Thanks to MOD  Rulership: which refers to part of the code, mainly about how to create a new clan,It saved me time to study.
Thanks to player blub5: thanks to him for explaining the flash retreat problem of Rulership in detail.Let me know that I should be fix this problem.

可以给自己的伙伴和孩子一块领地, 并且成立一个新家族
条件:需要有两座领地以上, 和两个伙伴或者孩子 和50000+ 金币

You can give your companion or child a  fief and start a new clan
Conditions: must have more than two territories, and two partners or children and need gold 50000+,

1.2 version 
1.修正分封同伴没有变成家族指挥官问题, 这个会导致俘虏解脱后无法创建移动部队
上一个版本造成的影响, 我已经添加了一个对话选项(条件: lord职业,而且他的所属家族指挥官没有他, 不是玩家家族)用来修复这个问题
2.修正给已经结婚的同伴分封时, 画面卡住问题
测试了分封已经结婚同伴, 他的配偶不是玩家家族
测试了分封已经结婚同伴, 他的配偶是玩家家族

1. Fixed that the lord who from you companion will just be inactive in castle after got captured and release.
and add a option in chat with the lord who be inactive in castle (condition: lord,and he is not his clan one of commanders, and not MainPlayer Clan) , that let the lord create a mobile party
2. Fixed the problem of dialogue get stuck when select a companion who married. 
i have test the companion who married and his spouse is not PlayerClan 
i have  test the companion who married and his spouse is PlayerClan 

1.1 version
2.选择封地时, 还是给了最近的封地BUG

1. Spouse becomes optional
2. Fix a bug When you choose fief, you still give the latest fief 

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