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Ranged Weapon Overhaul 2.0 - Rebalances all bows, crossbows, arrows, and throwing weapons to be more diverse.

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Welcome to v2.0.0! We have gone through and taken a different approach to 'fixing' archery. We have introduced a new change to the (ranged_target_radius_multiplier). By increasing the size of their radius, they will choose to shoot earlier but less accurately than in native. This allowed us to bring the accuracy of bows back to more reasonable levels. We also felt that the three types of bows (short, composite, and long) could use more variation so you'll see a bigger difference in their speeds. Additionally we have made changes to the bone damage values. This makes different damage types better against certain body parts. These changes will make shields stronger by reducing damage taken when hit in the extremities. The modifiers for ranged weapons (bent, cracked, splintered, etc) have been changed to fit with their new stats.

Some minor tweaks have been made to artisan workshops to make ranged weapons of all tiers more common everywhere, although this change is not compatible with other mods that change the artisan workshop so we added a few extras like the addition of the butcher shop workshop, and iron derivatives being made from iron and wood.

We have included more parts for smithing throwing daggers. Now guards have actual variance in their weights.

We have again included a compatibility version which does not include custom items. This version is removable at anytime without savegame corruption.

We'd love to hear your feedback and experiences with the newest version.


Installation: Place 'RangedWeaponOverhaul' folder into Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\Modules

Compatibility: This mod is compatible with all versions and able to be added to saves at
any time. This mod is compatible with other troop mods unless they change the weapons of archery units. This mod is not compatible with any mods that make changes to bone modifiers, ranged weapon modifiers, or the artisan workshop.

This mod adds several custom items. Due to this, once the mod has been installed removal will result in your save game crashing. Make a back up/new save if you wish to test it out.
Compatibility version can be added or removed at anytime without breaking saves.