Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Adds a basic form of war attrition so that factions that have seen lots of action are more likely to make peace. Configurable!

New features allow player to configure the general length of peace time between wars!

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Adds war attrition by altering the ThinkAboutDeclaringWar, ThinkAboutDeclaringPeace, and DailyTick methods under PoliticalStagnationAndBorderIncidentCampaignBehavior.

I changed ThinkAboutDeclaringPeace to take into account the successful raids, siege, and number of casualties that have occurred in a war. Through the configuration file you can declare how much each of those counts towards the chance that peace would be declared. The DailyTick change allows you to declare what the chances are each day that peace would be considered. ThinkAboutDeclaringWar now has a WIP time since last campaign started check so factions don't try to do back to back short wars.

ThinkAboutDeclaringWar didn't work as intended and caused crashes so it has been removed for the time being.

The mod behavior for considering peace is a lot different than vanilla; it's been designed to allow the player to put a soft cap to how much a faction will do during a war before they go back to peace to keep a faction from snowballing.

The configuration file is located at Modules/WarAttrition/bin/Win64_Shipping_Client/warattrition.xml

I'm lazy so check the .xml for what each multiplier does!

The default values should dramatically slow down AI from snowballing and give weak factions the time to build up their strength between wars where they aren't decimated as much. I'm still working on balancing the default values, so let me know what you try and what experience it gives you!