Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Permissions and credits
Total redesigned units for: Battania, Vlandia, Sturgia, Khuzaits and Aserai.

I tried to include new armor  balance system for units. This is what have I done for each faction:

Tier I - armor from 0 to 10
Tier II - armor from 10 - 20
Tier III - armor from 20 - 30
Tier IV - armor from 30 - 40
Tier V - armor from 40 - 50

So, "armor" mainly means the body armor. The same system was included for the "noble" trees but the final tiers have 50+ armor. There is also severals exceptions from this system. For example: horse archers (and some foot archers)  have lower armor compartment. 

Feel free to comment my work!