Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Feel like vanilla doesn't have enough to offer in a long play-through? That there isn't much variety in weapons, armor, and troops? Well this is the all in one. After many, many hours of work, Bannerlord Overhaul is ready for public use.

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Be sure to look over the troop summaries for a more in-depth analysis.

Quick Note
Bannerlord Overhaul has finally ended its beta stage, and thanks to all of you that have supported it's lifespan, has reached its most refined state. All major factions have been fully completed, but do not fear! Bannerlord Overhaul will continue production into different areas, such as minor factions, bandits, and mercenaries(and who knows what else). So this is just a thank you to everyone who has enjoyed the mod and given feedback to make this mod better than it ever could be!
Bannerlord Overhaul is a complete rework of all troops trees and most weapons and armor. The goal of this mod is to provide the player with more variety in gameplay while still remaining lore friendly and balanced. You'll find many troop trees completely reworked with all new weapons and armor previously unused by vanilla. Not only are these troop trees reworked and balanced for each faction, but also provide historical reference to real life warriors. Many hours were spent attempting to perfect each troop as if they were each a single project. Please enjoy and make your next play-through the most engaging Bannerlord experience you've ever had.
A complete rework of all factions' troop trees, noble and common.
Reworked troop trees made in the purpose of balance and unique properties between factions
Many new weapons and armor including bows, crossbows, arrows, swords, and bolts
Two-Handed Maces and other integrated crafting pieces
All crossbows have been fixed to properly scale to bows
Improved Survivability for low tier troops
And so much more

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Incompatible with most other troop mods. It probably won't crash, but it will most certainly be unpredictable.

1) Put BannerlordOverhaulBeta in your modules folder
2) Profit