Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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A troop overhaul to enhance the vanilla experience. Also archers.

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Now comes with the Highland Large Shield Hotfix built in!

Here's my lightweight overhaul. Enjoy

Like many Battanian players, I was disappointed by the lack of archers available to Battania. Their noble line are the absolute best archers in the game, but overall I feel like the roster fails to reflect the lore. I also dislike the amount of cavalry in their roster, as it leads to an unusual amount of them being fielded by Battanian lords. Again, this doesn't fit their lore.

The wonderful mods I found on this website did give me archers, however they also tended to clutter up the roster and radically transform the troops themselves. If you like lots of units, that's awesome.

But if you're like me, maybe you don't want to have so many different types of troops. Aside from the Empire, every culture in the game is limited to 15 different common troops, along with 5 noble troops. I wanted to stick to that, and refrain from altering the troops too greatly.

So with my need for a light and simple Battania mod, with the pandemic keeping us all at home and with how 'simple' changing XML seemed, I decided to try my hand at modding.

To that end, I took Zaldir's brilliant Woods of Battania- Troop Overhaul and tinkered around for a week. As a result, you might see some of his handprints on this mod.

This is my first ever mod for a game. If you have any issues with it, please let me know. And if you know how to fix it, please tell me. I don't even mind hearing if this mod sucks too, so flame away!

Overhaul Features

The troop tree is almost identical to Vanilla, with the following changes:
- The 'Falxman' line now upgrades from the Clan Warrior. The Raider is removed, as I felt it wasn't distinct enough from the skirmisher.
- Brand new archer line added under the Wood Runner.
- The Horseman and Mounted Skirmisher has been fused into the Outrider.
- Veteran Falxman is now named Savage. I would have changed Trained Spearman to Oathsworn, but TW beat me to it.

I liked the variety and poorly armoured nature of Zaldir's mod, so I kept a lot of that in this mod. Expect a lot more leather studded helmets among the lower ranking troops, as you can see in the screenshots. 

Tier 5 troops on the other hand should feel quite well armoured, particularly the Oathsworn. Oathsworn also have their athletics and riding swapped around now.

Both Wildlings and Savages meanwhile come with more variety, as befitting of the Celtic trappings of Battania. Might try to add even more equipment sets on units later if I'm not satisfed.

Also, Fian Champions now use two handed swords (falx and mountain blade) and wear better gloves.


In times of war, Battanian Chieftains have no issue with mustering eager archers for his warband. Huntsmen, professional killers and hotheaded youths come together to bring death to the foes of Battania from afar.

My Archers, Rangers and Saethwyr wear little to no armour (Saethwyr ditch their shirts), but carry longbows and two handed axes. In terms of stats, they are no better than anyone else with the exception of a better two handed stat. Due to their lighter equipment, expect them to move quickly.

I designed them not to overshadow Battania's nobleline, so don't ditch your Fian Champions just yet. Being lightly armoured, they will likely lose duels with other archers, but perform quite well against infantry. Overall, I think that's okay. Aside from the Sturgian Veteran Archer, I feel like every archer in the game has a niche of some sort. For Battania, their standard archers are pure specialists.


These lads live around the borders of Battania and its neighbours, acting as border reivers, scouts and messengers for Battania. What they lack the impact of heavy cavalry or the skills of horse archers, they make up for in their daring and versatility.

As with vanilla Battanian cavalry, do not expect them to standout. Although they are better armoured than both Horseman and Mounted Skirmisher, they use the same weapons and have the same skills. At best, you can compare them to budget Aserai Faris. Ideally, they should be good at hunting ranged enemies, distracting cavalry and hunting down horse archers. Since they only need a horse to upgrade, they're fairly cheap and easy to obtain.

Manual Installation

Simply paste the hmj_battanian_troop_overhaul_lite folder into the Modules folder of the game, then activate it on the client. Load the mod last to avoid any issues.


I do not know for sure. Try it if you dare- but let me know if it works. If you do try to use this with other troop overhauls, make sure to load this mod afterwards to avoid issues.

Known Issues

I've reworked some of the higher tier units to use Battanian Noble Bracers. They look nicer and are beefier than Highland Gloves- just watch out for these:

Should you see this, use fire.

It won't quite be this bad, but you will notice problems every now and then. Best thing to do is to quit and play again.

Mod Suggestions

Zaldir's Woods of Battania- Troop Overhaul if you want a more extensive overhaul. Doesn't hurt that he updates very frequently either.
Mr Grendel's
 Armor Does Something if you don't want ranged troops to dominate the battlefield. Its also great for making armoured troops feel that much more of a threat to your archers. I personally go a step further and remove the doubled projectiles.
SirManezao's Better NPCs- All NPCs redesigned for more authentic looking Battanians.