Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Vaeringjar aka MindfulDroid

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!!! 2.0.0 here with all 5 limits working !!! This bundle removes companion, party, party count, prisoner and workshop size limits.

Permissions and credits
As of 10.06.2020 I coded new mod from scratch, it still does same job as V's bundle. It uses more simple way than any other mod doing same incl. V's mods and Unlimitlord too. And again more importantly it works with e1.4.1 stable. (Possibly with 1.4.2 too but I didn't tested myself)

UnlimitLord is also a good mod but it evolved into something else, something big, but not something into what I want. It requires MCM and have tons of features I don't want. These are the reasons behind I spent my time to create new mod.


Short Term Plans
* Updating description page :)
* Adding configuration file for setting limits manually and/or option for deactivating unwanted. (No promise, my knowledge is limited.)
* Providing all 5 modifications as single optional files. (IF I can't manage to do above.)

Long Term Plans
* Nothing here for now


SOURCE CODE. Licensed under "The Unlicense".


Special thanks to MindfulDroid and Cytraen. 2.0.0 is here because their mods inspired me a lot and they were driving force for me to create anew.


My mods: Naked Females / Faster Movement / Throwing Arrow / Less Damage / No Limit Bundle Updated / Start Campaign Married / Universal Female Soldiers / Enable FaceGen Sliders / Profitable Workshops / Recruit Prisoners Right Away .




As of 06.06.2020 there is another mod doing same. ( now it does way more things, it evolved into something else )
It uses more simple way and more importantly it works with e1.4.1 stable.



V's no limit mods WORK with e1.4.1 stable;
- Companion
- Party
- Workshop

V's no limit mods NOT work with e1.4.1 stable;
- Army
- Prisoner

1.0.1 version will be uploaded soon but there is no real update, I only removed not working parts. If original author updates not working parts, I will update this bundle again and include them.


This bundle removes companion, army, party, prisoner and workshop size limits.
All credits goes to modder and original author Vaeringjar aka MindfulDroid .

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