Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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About this mod

Allows you to challenge lords to a duel! Prepare for honorable combat!

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  • Korean

This mod allows you to challenge lords to one on one combat.

Fighting in a friendly duel allows you to place a bet on the duel.
Your relationship with the lord can improve or worsen based on the result.
You can challenge a lord to a friendly duel once every three days. 

When attacking an enemy lord, winning the duel results in them and their armies being forfeit. However, should the lord in question be dishonorable, they will refuse to surrender if they lose!
When defending, winning the duel means the lord will let you go.
If you should lose, honor dictates you let your opponent go or surrender yourself. Will you accept defeat or will you send your soldiers to battle?
No matter the outcome of the duel, you can always clash in battle.
Party morale is affected by the result of the duel. The loser's troops will be discouraged, while the winner's troops will be emboldened into the coming battle!


  • Friendly duels - test your strength against the lords of Calradia.
  • Wagers - place bets on duels with friendly lords.
  • Winning duels against lords can improve or damage your relationship.
  • An enemy lord shall decide whether to accept your challenge based on their traits, the player's charm, the relative strength of the sides, and current health.
  • Party morale for both parties is affected based on the result of the duel.
  • Player receives Charm experience based on the odds of the challenge being accepted.
  • Player gains renown and influence when winning duels.
  • Choose what to do with a defeated lord. Accept their surrender, or let them go, or charge into battle.
  • Dishonorable lords refuse to surrender.
  • When you defeat a lord that attacks you, they have no choice but to let you go.
  • Duel can be fought on foot or on horseback.

How to start a duel

  • Both the player and the lord must not be wounded.
  • When talking to a friendly lord, select "There's something I'd like to discuss".
  • When attacking, select "You know we are at war. Surrender or die." and then the start duel conversation option.
  • When defending, the option to challenge the lord to a duel is below the player surrender conversation option.
  • When in a settlement, leave the area you are in to open the duel menu.
  • When talking to a companion in your party, leave the party screen to open the duel menu.

Planned features

  • Champions: Not able to fight? No problem! Select your substitute.
  • Spectators: Your troops shall view your fight and cheer you on!
  • Noble melee: A duel/battle tournament event for the nobles of Calradia.

Planned changes

  • Improvements to the calculation of a lords acceptance of the duel
  • Parties joining the encounter

Known issues

  • Loading a save game made when the duel menu was opened will cause a crash if the mod is disabled.
  • Please save the game outside of the Duel Menu before removing the mod.

Incompatible mods

I'm not aware of any at the moment. Please let me know if you run into any.


After testing the current mod on the beta branch, it appears to be functional on both the stable and the beta branch.