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About this mod

A very simple script fix to remove the gender check on marriage dialogue options and fix some of the text in the courtship conversations to match your gender.

Permissions and credits
This mod removes the gender check when starting a romance by talking to an NPC. Once you have started a romance, you will be able to progress through the normal courtship stages. It also adds some configurable options for increasing the maximum marriage age and enabling female/female pregnancies.

A few lines of dialogue are replaced in the romance conversations to fix you and your partner referring to each other as the wrong gender. Be warned that some of these changes will not appear in languages other than English.

Version 2 Update
Huge thanks to TauAkiou who submitted a fixed version for recent versions of MBII which overhauled pregnancy and broke the mod. They also upgraded the configuration system to work with MCM. With their permission I'm publishing the new version as version 2.0.0 of this mod. This version is tested with 1.4.3+ and 1.5.0 and should function the same as before.

Known issues
  • Versions 1.0.1 and lower do not work with versions 1.4.1(?) and later of MBII.
  • The rewritten dialogue options are not localized in any language except English. If you would prefer to see the original localized text, use version 0.0.1.


This mod uses MCM v3 to display a mod options menu. The mod will work without MCM installed at all, but certain options such as same-sex pregnancies can only be enabled through MCM.

With MCM now on version 4, you will need to enable both the MCM v4 mod and the "MCMv4 MCMv3 Integration" mod in the launcher. See the MCM mod description for more up to date info about the correct order to load the various other modules it requires in.

Note: The options file previously used for version 1 of this mod (config.xml) is no longer used and options there will be ignored.


Can I have children with this mod?
You can enable same-sex pregnancies in the MCM options. You can choose which partner becomes pregnant.

Does this affect NPC relationships?
I don't know. I'd love to find out. If anyone spots a same-sex marriage between NPC lords, let me know!

Who can I/can't I marry?
Your partner must be:
  •  in the correct age range (18-35 for women, 18-40 for men, or whatever you set in the config file)
  • currently unmarried
  • a noble (member of a kingdom)
  • not the leader of their faction (sorry, Rhagaea admirers)
  • not related to you within 3 generations

´╗┐These are the same rules that exist in the base game, minus gender restrictions.

Can I marry Empress Rhagaea, one of my companions, or adopt children?
These are features that would go well with this mod but are probably out of scope. If anyone creates a mod to add those features, I'd be happy to ensure this mod is compatible.

Will you add gender preferences or more romance dialogue?
Not in this mod.

Will you add homophobia or polygamy?