Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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Warhammer 40K Banners. No space marines other than Horus Black Legion Chaos. This is Chaos and Xenos only.

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Required Mod: BannerPaste

Download, right click and unpack. Right click the mod in Vortex or to to it in your mods folder, find the emblem you want, open the text document and copy the numbers only, without spaces before or after. Click back to your game, open the Banner screen with 'B' and hit CTRL+V to paste the copied banner.

What is included:

Please note there are no Space Marine Banners here, other than the Black Legion Chaos one. This was for Chaos Gods & Xenos.

Chaos Gods:

  • Khorne
  • Tzeentch*
  • Slaanesh
  • Nurgle - Janky and assymetrical on purpose, it's chaos afterall!

  • & Horus' Black Legion Chaos Emblem


  • Dark Eldar (2) - Black and Purple | Gray & Purple
  • Eldar
  • Green Skins
  • Necron Inspired** - Blue | Green
  • Tau

* I was trying to make a scale type design for Tzeentch but gave up as it was too intense with the shapes, colors given. May try again but if you dont like the colors, the base is easy to change the colors for.
** I say Necron Inspired as it's not the normal Necron emblem, I may do one in the future but the top half circle was being a pain if I wanted to not redo the entire coffin part.

Hope you enjoy!