Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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Adds a full viable troop tree to Caravan and Thug units, makes Looters upgrade into Caravan units or Mercenary units. Replaces Caravan's spawn troops with new ones.

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Adds a viable/actually useful troop tree for Caravan units and Thug units, and makes Looters upgrade into Caravan units or Mercenary units.

The new units are much like Merc tree units, slightly less skill than "professional" soldiers of the faction trees, but not useless to have in your army anymore.
I also fixed the skills for the remaining Armed Traders and Caravan masters. They had some inconsistent skills for their equipment sets, they're competent now.

Thugs are unchanged, except their skill levels don't suck anymore, but Master Thugs become Gangster(s) who then become Gangster Heavy(s), both blunt focused still but given ranged weapons to stay with the theme of criminals/gangsters who aren't low-level streets and are the higher ups.