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In the native game, attribute scores only increase the learning limit on skills. This changes that behaviour so that attribute values modify gameplay effects thematically, similar to how it worked in Warband.

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Tested and works on 1.4.2, 1.4.3b, and should work for 1.4.1 still.

In native Bannerlord, the sole purpose of attributes is to increase the learning limit for skills under their purview. This mod changes this behaviour by having attribute scores modify thematic gameplay elements. The power of these changes are adjustable by a Settings.xml file.

These changes are only in effect for heroes (which have attribute scores). This makes them significantly more challenging in tournaments (and in battle), so caveat emptor!

This mod uses Harmony PostFix and TargetMethods utilities to find and fix all available functionality methods in the loaded game assemblies. This makes it compatible with most other mods, such as the standard and natively-supported model overriding mods, and other Harmony PostFix mods. This means the attributes will still matter, even if you use other mods that affect things like party size, xp bonus, or renown/influence bonuses (unless the other modder made it impossible to patch). This means you should load this mod near the bottom of your load order.

The Changes:
Inside Settings.xml you are able to tweak the bonuses provided to basic gameplay mechanics by heroes' attribute scores. These values are always in terms of fractions of the total, and are applied per affecting attribute, diminished by the parameter second_attribute_fraction for more than one attribute.

These mechanics are:
  • max_bonus_dmg, the maximum additional damage
  • max_bonus_hp, the bonus to heroes' HP
  • max_bonus_partysize, bonus to party size
  • max_bonus_persuade, bonus to persuasion chance (player only)
  • max_bonus_xp, additional XP gain
  • max_bonus_speed, bonus weapon swing and reload speed
  • max_bonus_movespeed, bonus movement speed
  • max_bonus_battle_renown, bonus post-battle renown
  • max_bonus_battle_influence, bonus post-battle influence
  • max_bonus_income, the maximum per-attribute clan income bonus from the clan leader's stats. This is representative of the leader managing the clan endowment and investments
  • max_wage_decrease, the maximum decrease per-attribute in party wages based on the party leader's stats.

You can choose which attribute, or attributes affect these mechanics by adjusting the parameters:
  • melee_dmg_attribute (by default Vigor)
  • ranged_dmg_attribute (by default Control)
  • attk_speed_attribute (by default Cunning)
  • move_speed_attribute (by default Endurance)
  • extra_hp_attribute (by default Endurance)
  • partysize_attribute (by default Social)
  • persuade_attribute (by default Social)
  • xp_bonus_attribute (by default Intelligence)
  • renown_bonus_attribute (by default Social & Intelligence)
  • influence_bonus_attribute (by default Social)
  • income_bonus_attribute (by default Intelligence & Cunning)
  • wage_decrease_attribute (by default Cunning & Social)

These are all completely customisable, and you can insert whichever attributes you want to have them affect the gameplay component, or append more on for smaller bonuses. To have multiple attributes affect these mechanics, they must be separated by a space (eg. "cunning social").

You can opt-out of the red messages by changing the enable_messages parameter in Settings.xml. Party size increases can also be calculated for each hero in the party, by enabling party_size_from_all_heroes.

This mod appears to be compatible with both the 1.4.1 stable and 1.4.2 beta game versions.
Make sure this mod is loaded after the native modules in the launcher!

This mod synergizes quite well with my other mod, Distinguished Service, which creates new heroes from soldiers in your ranks. This makes the new companions more useful than they would otherwise be.

update 2.2.0 UPDATE
: As of 12:12pm PST, on July 3, the 2.2.0 version of the mod won't crash the game launcher. There was a missing "v" character at the front of the version number, and it has been fixed.
update 2.2.0:  Added effects on total clan income, and total party wage, as suggested by ShadowDragon8685. 

update 2.1.1: Fixed compatibility with Harmony-based PostFix mods that decided to name a postfix method that can be named literally anything the same name as the native method.

update 2.1.0: This mod has been refactored to use Harmony PostFix, and TargetMethod utilities to find all available functionality methods and apply the changes to them. This works for overridden functions, and other PostFix patches, which accounts for nearly every gameplay tweak.

update 2.0.0b
Fixed persuasion game model in the game's beta version, since TW stealth-modified it. Also had to remove clan party wage changes, as those functions became private. TW will probably add a different handle later.

update 2.0.0: Overhaul to allow users to choose which attributes affect which gameplay models!

update 1.1.3
: INT xp modifier is now 1 + modifier * INT/10, so companions with zero intelligence still gain XP. Companion SOC values can be allowed to contribute to party size with a setting.

update 1.1.1: I added checks to the SandboxAgentApplyDamageModel for the specific case of hitting somebody with no weapon. This might have been resulting in NullReference exceptions. Villagers were harmed (well, punched) in the testing of this patch.

update 1.1.0: Other heroes in a party can now act as "sergeants" to increase party size with their SOC values. This can be disables in Settings.xml.